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COVID -19 and US Mariner Credentials

27 Aug 2020 by Lisa Morley

In response to the overwhelming burden placed on the US mariner by COVID-19 and the myriad of travel and other restrictions currently in place, the USCG has implementing TEMPORARY guidelines, relaxing some of the requirements for revalidation training for mariners with Merchant Mariner Credentials expiring between March 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021.   For applications for renewal of MMCs expiring from March 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021, that are received by the Coast Guard before July 1, 2021, the Coast Guard will accept one year (360 days) of relevant service within the past five years as meeting the requirements for continued competence for all of the components of PSC, FRB, PSC-Ltd, BT, and AFF. All 16721 CG-MMC Policy Letter No. 03-20 3 mariners currently holding endorsements as PSC, PSC-Ltd,...


MSIB Novel Coronovirus Mariner Credentials (Change 2)

10 Jun 2020 by USCG

Update Note: Expiration dates of mariner credentials and approvals have been updated to reflect an extension to December 31, 2020. Extension of Merchant Mariner Credential Endorsements and Medical Certificates The Coast Guard has published MSIB 08-20 (Change 2) to update guidance concerning mariner credentials, medical certificates and course approvals, and the action being taken by the Coast Guard due to the novel coronavirus and the disease it causes (COVID-19). We are doing this in keeping with national guidance to meet the challenge of this disease and in response to a number of questions and concerns raised by the maritime industry and mariners. The provisions in this MSIB are consistent with the Executive Order on Regulatory Relief to Support Economic Recovery issued...


Marine Safety Information Bulletin COVID 19 Transportation Worker Identification Credential

06 Apr 2020 by USCG

COVID 19 – Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC®) Operations The uninterrupted flow of commerce on our Marine Transportation System (MTS) is critical to both National Security and National economic well-being. During this National emergency for COVID-19 it is paramount that...


USCG Guidance regarding Mariner Credentials and Medical Certifcates

03 Apr 2020 by USCG

The Coast Guard has published MSIB 08-20 to provide guidance concerning mariner credentials and medical certificates and the action being taken by the Coast Guard due to the novel coronavirus and the disease it causes (COVID-19).


What does it mean to be a Qualified Assessor

10 Jul 2017 by John Flanagan

In June 2010, a Conference of Parties was held by the International Maritime Organization in Manila, Philippines. The result is what we now call the Manila Amendments to STCW. With these amendments, which went into force in 2012, came the requirement that STCW assessment of competencies must be signed...


ECDIS deadline for MCA OOW Officer of the Watch - 31 March 2015

02 Feb 2015 by Amy Morley -Beavers

MCA OOW Officer of the Watch 31 March 2015: ECDIS Deadline Several articles have been published since the Manila 2010 Amendments to STCW in relation to the requirement for ECDIS training for all deck officers (II/1, II/2, II/3) on vessels equipped with Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems....


USCG publishes Final Ruling

16 Jan 2014 by Lisa Morley

The wait is "finally" over. The United States Coast Guard has published it's final ruling titled, "Implementation of the Amendments to the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978 (STCW) as Amended, and Changes to National Endorsements. ...


MCA clarifies confusion regarding HELM courses

21 Nov 2013 by Lisa Morley

Due to recent communication we have received from seafarers, we (MCA) would like to clarify the following. Seafarers completing a Chief Mate (Y) <3000gt Unlimited with Officer of the Watch (Y) <3000gt Unlimited must complete both HELM Management and HELM Operational.   For those who completed...


Vessel Security Training

11 Apr 2013 by Amy Beavers

Global Vessel Security Training Deadline approaching! The global deadline for all seafarers to have met the level of training appropriate to their duties onboard for security training is 1 January 2014. It has always been known that for a vessel to truly have security, everyone in the crew must be...