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ECDIS deadline for MCA OOW Officer of the Watch - 31 March 2015

02 Feb 2015 by Amy Morley -Beavers

MCA OOW Officer of the Watch 31 March 2015: ECDIS Deadline
Several articles have been published since the Manila 2010 Amendments to STCW in relation to the requirement for ECDIS training for all deck officers (II/1, II/2, II/3) on vessels equipped with Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems.

Currently all candidates applying for an NOE (Notice of Eligibility) through the MCA have been able to opt out of taking this course with the understanding that their CoC would be restricted as follows: From the 1 January 2017 this certificate is not valid for service on ships fitted with ECDIS.

However, based on the updated NOE Application after 31st March 2015 all OOW Yacht applicants will need to submit an MCA approved ECDIS Certificate prior to the issue of their CoC.

Therefore candidates for OOW Yacht 3000 GT Certificates of Competence who will not be obtaining their CoC prior to the fast approaching March 31st 2015 date must prepare to undertake this generic based ECDIS training at an approved school.  If you hold dual licenses you may want to ensure that the school you attend is also approved by the USCG so you only have to take the training once.

The same five day ECDIS course is valid for all deck officers – operational level or management level.

Candidates applying for the USCG Officer in Charge of the Watch, Chief Mate or Master will continue to have the ability to obtain, upgrade or renew their MMC without this training until 12/31/16 however a restriction will be placed on the MMC accordingly. These candidates may have difficulty renewing or obtaining their MCA Certificate of Equivalency without the training after 31 March 2015 however.

As we approach these critical deadlines, these classes are likely to be sold out further and further in advance as they utilize simulation and are limited in space. and booking your training date early is recommended by all approved providers to ensure you receive the training in accordance with your scheduled time shoreside and before you need to receive your CoC.


To qualify for an MCA OOW 3000 GT CoC you will need the following:


Discharge Book or MCA Approved Logbook
Sea Service Testimonials


*36 months onboard Yacht Service, in vessels of any size, including not less than 365 days Sea Service in vessels of 15 metres or over in loadline length, where the Sea Service is:

A minimum of 250 days Actual Sea Service, and the balance of 115 days any combination of the following: Further Actual Sea Service, Stand-by Service to a maximum of 14 consecutive days in one period regardless of any further time spent standing-by. Further periods may be counted only when the vessel returns after proceeding to sea on passage and Yard Service to a maximum of 90 days continuously or in separate periods. You must complete a Training Record book, unless you have completed 36 months (1080 days) of actual sea service in vessels over 24 metres.


Deck Officers – this means service on crew agreement as a Deck Officer. The sea service must be supported by testimonials which must state the sign on and sign off dates and the actual sea service days plus any watchkeeping service; these must be signed by the Master. Masters should obtain a company letter providing confirmation of their sea service signed by an Authorised Official within the Company. The MCA will not accept self certified sea time. IF THIS IS NOT SUPPLIED YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE DELAYED.


Valid Medical Certificate of Fitness

MCA Approved ENG-1


Attested Copy of Passport and Visa if applicable
do not send originals


Two Countersigned Passport Sized Photographs
Please see guidance notes in NOE Application



MCA Approved TRB


Commercially Endorsed RYA Yachtmaster Offshore or IYT Master of Yachts CoC


CPSCRB or Advanced Sea Survival for Yachtsmen
OOW Navigation & Radar Course and pass certificate within 3 years

General Ships Knowledge and pass certificate within 3 years

GMDSS GOC or ROC Certificate

EDH Efficient Deckhand Course

HELM Human Element Leadership & Management (Teamworking Skills) Operational Certificate


Current Basic Safety Training

Yachtmaster Offshore Shorebased Certificate (not required if Yachtmaster issued prior to 31 July 2003)





(Optional but recommended) through a training provider of your choice



The training provider should provide guidance on this especially if outside the UK


NOTE If you are adding on the Chief Mate Yachts II/2 level CoC you will also need the following MCA Approved Training:

Advanced Fire fighting VI/3

Medical First Aid VI/4-1

HELM Management Level Certificate

Oceans / Commercially Endorsed RYA Yachtmaster or IYT Master of Yachts CoC

Yachtmaster Oceans Shorebased Certificate (not required if Yachtmaster issued prior to 31 July 2003)


Please contact me at if you have any questions regarding the ECDIS training or MCA or USCG Application Process or if you need assistance with the Gap Closing Requirements to meet the STCW amendments deadline of 1/1/17.