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What does it mean to be a Qualified Assessor

10 Jul 2017 by John Flanagan

In June 2010, a Conference of Parties was held by the International Maritime Organization in Manila, Philippines. The result is what we now call the Manila Amendments to STCW. With these amendments, which went into force in 2012, came the requirement that STCW assessment of competencies must be signed off by a “qualified assessor”, Regulation 1/6 and Section A-1/6 of the STCW Code.

In the United States; Qualified Assessors (QAs) can only be approved by the United States Coast Guard prior to evaluating the proficiency of candidates. The QA will compare the candidate’s performance of the task against the performance standards which are published in the Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circulars (NVICs). A QA is qualified to complete sign-offs under the authority of his or her own credential. As of January 1, 2018, any assessments of competence that are completed on-board must be personally witnessed and signed off by a USCG Qualified Assessor (QA).

To become a QA, the mariner must submit to the USCG National Maritime Center:

  • Completed QA Request Guide located on the NMC website;
  • An updated copy of the mariner’s resume;
  • A record of all of his or her sea service or applicable military service;
  • A certificate or other proof of course work completed within a “train-the-assessor” course;
  • Merchant Mariner Credential/CoC;
  • Any other supporting professional documentation.


Why should your crew complete their QA Training at MPT? 

  • On -board assessments of competence can continue under new - regulation
  • Having an on-board assessor will continue your crew's professional advancement process
  • MPT's QA training has been designed and conducted by experienced maritime professionals and USCG approved Qualified Assessors who have previously undergone this process
  • Our instructors and staff will assist mariners to get their request submitted to the National Maritime Center for approval
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