Able Seaman / Able Seafarer Deck /RFPNW Program
Program 25

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Preparing for Able Seaman / Able Seafarer Deck /RFPNW Program this Program

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3 weeks of training - 8 certificates Please note that Able Seaman is a National Certification. Please speak to one of our career counselors if you are pursuing Able Seafarer Deck for STCW international recognition. Our Able Seafarer course included in this program is approved for both the national and the international standard. Basic Training Refresher or Reval may be substituted for the full 5 day BT if Basic Training has been previously completed. Please speak to a career counselor for additional information. Additional suggested courses for Able Seaman are: Fast Rescue Boat (#147), and EDH (course 417 - of working onboard yachts or considering an MCA license),


Courses in this Program Bundle

252 : Able Seafarer - DECK

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This five day USCG Approved course includes theory, various practical assessments for Able Seafarer, STCW Section A-II/5 and written examinations towards the issuance of a qualified rating on your merchant mariners credential as Able Seaman.


146 : Proficiency In Survival Craft and Rescue Boats/ Lifeboatman (PSCRB)

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The (PSCRB) Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats course gives seafarers who are required to take charge of a survival craft or a rescue boat (other than fast rescue boats) in emergency situations the essential education and training to meet the regulatory standards for the tasks required. USCG and MCA approved. Please note that current Basic Training is a prerequisite for this course.


251 : RFPNW STCW Tasks (Assessments)

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This simulator based assessment session is designed to meet the requirements for the skills and knowledge to fulfill the competency of ratings to perform the navigation function at the support level, Rating Forming Part of a Navigational Watch (RFPNW), as specified in Section A-II/4 of the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) Code, as amended.


141 : Personal Survival Techniques PST

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STCW Basic Training Personal Survival Techniques. This course includes theory taught in the classroom as well as practical assessments utilizing a local aquatic center.


142 : Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities


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STCW Basic Training Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities


144 : Basic Fire Fighting(2 day class)

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This 2 day course is one of the four modules of STCW Basic Safety Training. This course includes both theory taught in the classroom and practical training and assessments with live fire scenarios


143 : First Aid /CPR

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STCW Basic Training First Aid / CPR. This 1 day course is designed to meet and exceed the requirements of basic (elementary) first aid and cardio pulmonary resuscitation. It includes both theory and practical training in the classroom


253 : Marlinespike Seamanship


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567 : Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties (VPDSD) (VSPSD) (PDSD)