Introductory Steward(ess) Training
Program 16

Great Training program for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the Interior Department ( Steward or Stewardess) on a yacht. Includes STCW Basic Training and Silver Service

Preparing for Introductory Steward(ess) Training this Program

Program Bundle Notes


This program includes 11 days of training: 5 days STCW Basic Training and 5 days of Introductory Stew training including Silver Service


Courses in this Program Bundle

141 : Personal Survival Techniques PST

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STCW Basic Training Personal Survival Techniques. This course includes theory taught in the classroom as well as practical assessments utilizing a local aquatic center.


142 : Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities


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STCW Basic Training Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities


144 : Basic Fire Fighting(2 day class)

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This 2 day course is one of the four modules of STCW Basic Safety Training. This course includes both theory taught in the classroom and practical training and assessments with live fire scenarios


143 : First Aid /CPR

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STCW Basic Training First Aid / CPR. This 1 day course is designed to meet and exceed the requirements of basic (elementary) first aid and cardio pulmonary resuscitation. It includes both theory and practical training in the classroom


801 : Introduction to Interior Training for Super Yacht Crew Including Silver Service


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5 day Super Yacht Crew Course Top Tier Silver Service, Detailing & Basic Deck