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214 Navigation and Deck General Supplemental


$ 199.00

Course Duration

1 Days


Course Description




This is a one day course that is USCG Approved to satisfy the Navigation and Deck General Written Examination Requirement for Masters 500-1600 ton near coastal mariners who are increasing their scope to an oceans route.

Course Content:  This training course will provide the following subject areas: 


Section 1: Deck and Navigation General, Buoyage Systems IALA “A”, Lateral Buoys, Junction/Bifurcation, Buoys/IALA Cardinal Buoys, Isolated Danger Buoys, Charts, Tides & Currents, Publications, Basic Ship Handling, and Piloting/Passage Plans. 


Section 2: Deck and Navigation General, Maritime Law, Manning Regulations


Including Articles, Wages/Allotments, Slop Chest Items, Desertion, Repatriation, and Familiarization Training requirements. 


Section 3: Ships Business and Documents, International Certificates, Load Lines, CFR’s, Crew List, Muster List, Suspension/Revocation, Surrender of License, Documents, Unseawothiness of Vessel, Cargo, And Crew/Barratry, and Voyage Planning.









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Oceans Course within 1 year

Hold Master 500-1600 ton Near Coastal

On Saturday February 2018 Juan said the following about
Navigation and Deck General Supplemental

MPT sets the standard for maritime education

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Navigation and Deck General Supplemental

good textbook, good class, great instructor!

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