Master with STCW Less than 500GT OCEANS
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Add Oceans to your STCW Master less than 500GT

Preparing for Master with STCW Less than 500GT OCEANS this Program

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This program is designed to meet the STCW and National requirements for Masters less than 500T (STCW II/3) - OCEANS as of January 1, 2017. In addition to required training included in this package, MPT recommends taking Course #148 Radar, Course 150 ARPA, Course 152 GMDSS, and Course 601 ECDIS. Please note that STCW Basic Training (original, refresher or revalidation) and Advanced Fire Fighting course (original, refresher or revalidation) must have been completed within 5 years of application to the USCG. Mariners must provide evidence of meeting the standard of competence specified in NVIC 03-18 or its equivalent. Call the student services office at 954-525-1014 for more information.


Courses in this Program Bundle

609 : SAR M (Search & Rescue Management Level)


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Satisfy the the Search & Rescue training requirements for Chief Mates and Masters and get some of the necessary SAR Management assessments completed along the way! Learn about Search and Rescue scenarios and how the should be managed by a Chief Mate or Master. Become involved in SAR tabletop exercises which will assess your ability to accurately and efficiently manage a SAR situation. Contact the Student Services Office for availability.


611 : Management of Medical Care


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Satisfies the Management of Medical Care training requirements for raise of grade to Chief Mate or Master (management level) on vessels of more than 500GT; and for Masters of vessels of less than 500GT (management level).


616 : Human Element Leadership & Management (HELM)


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This course satisfies the STCW requirement for Leadership and Management Training at the Management Level for deck and engineering officers known in the MCA System as HELM (M) and in the USCG System as Leadership & Management (Management Level).