Master of Towing - Mate Pilot - Apprentice Mate
Program 27

MPT is the most complete full service private maritime school in the country and has been training mariners since 1983. Our Fort Lauderdale based campuses host over 45,000 square feet of classrooms, deck and engineering training labs, the Ship's Store, and student service facilities.

Preparing for Master of Towing - Mate Pilot - Apprentice Mate this Program

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Courses in this Program Bundle

101 : Captain's License USCG - Master or Mate 100 ton

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The USCG does not require you to get a Six-Pack License before you get your Masters, so if you qualify, you can take the full 11 days and get your Masters License! With the Master you can go twice as far offshore, with the near coastal route, with 6 pack you can go up to 100 miles offshore and with the Master you can go up to 200 miles offshore!


107 : Master or Mate 200 ton Upgrade


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Upgrade to Master or Mate up to 200grt. MPT’s License classes are USCG Approved, NO TEST AT THE USCG. USCG Approved course will cover the written examination requirement for a candidate holding a Master or Mate license of up to 100 tons to Upgrade to a National Master or Mate License of up to 200grt.


120 : Apprentice Mate Steersman / Master of Towing Crossover Upgrade APX


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148 : Radar Observer Unlimited

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This course is required for officers who serve on vessels equipped with RADAR. Students attending this course will develop the skills needed for risk assessment, collision avoidance, and navigation.