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Why take STCW Basic Training

24 May 2023 by Lisa Morley

The importance of STCW Basic Training for all maritime crew cannot be overstated. STCW stands for the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The STCW Convention is designed to ensure that all maritime personnel are properly trained and qualified to work on board ships.

STCW Basics Training is a set of courses, both knowledge-based and practical, that focus on safety, security, marine environmental protection, emergency response and communications. The basic courses also cover the important topics of personal safety, social responsibility,  medical emergency response, and firefighting.

From deckhands to bridge officers - Steward (ess) to engineers,  it is essential that all crew understand the principles and practices of safe ship operations. STCW Basic Training gives mariners the knowledge and skills needed when working onboard ships in any capacity. STCW-trained mariners possess the skills to ensure the safe and efficient navigation of a vessel, as well as the ability to respond to and prevent various emergencies. STCW Basic Training courses help mariners understand the risks associated with working on a ship, as well as recognizing how and when preventive action must be taken.

Click here to learn more about available class dates and see a great video ofhte STCW Basic Training course in action.