Y4 Engineer Pre-Training Program
Course 390

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Preparing for Y4 Engineer Pre-Training Program

Course Description

This 4 week CLASSROOM BASED course is designed for knowledge building in the areas outlined in the syllabus below. It is recommended for all engineers regardless of the country they are obtaining an engineering qualification from and is USCG Approved towards a QMED. For candidates who only wish to take parts of the course, please call the student services offices and simply pay by the week.

Many MCA Y4 candidates felt they needed more training than the individual MCA Courses were able to provide in the allotted time frame and this course will assist by complementing the MCA/SQA Exam Preparatory Course Modules. This course DOES NOT take the place of the MCA / SQA EXAM COURSE MODULES. This is an optional add-on course. You will still be required to take the other  modules for Marine Diesel Engineering, Auxiliary Equipment, Craft Skills, and Operational Procedures/Basic Hotel Services and their exams separately, see MPT Course numbers 442, 443, 444, 445. Completion of this classroom theory course will prepare the candidate for the real world as well as improve their understanding of the concepts needed for an in depth knowledge of engineering needed to successfully complete Y4 and other examinations. This course should be taken before the Y4 exam preparatory series and can be taken as early in your career as desired. It is a perfect follow up to the Approved Engine Course. In addition, for candidates who are United States permanent residents or citizens, this course is also approved by the USCG towards the issuance of a MMC endorsed as Qualified Member of the Engine Department without further examination. See an MPT career counselor for details and application and sea service requirements.


Week 1 • Orientation • Stationary Engine Components • Air Intake Systems • Exhaust Systems • Fuel Oil • Fuel Oil Systems • Diesel Engine Introduction • Operating Procedures • Principle of Operation • Classification of Diesel Engines • Principles of Moving Parts • Cooling Systems • Lubrication Systems • Starting Systems • Diesel Engine Control • Operating Procedures & Casualty Control • Naval Architecture

Week 2 • Principles of Refrigeration • Refrigeration System Components & Function • Refrigeration System Piping & Equipment • Hydraulics • Air Compressors • Bilge and Ballast Systems • Safety & Firefighting • Pumps • Vapor Compression Refrigeration • Refrigeration System Components & Function • Refrigeration Operation • Power Transfer Drives • Pollutions Laws

Week 3 • Machine Shop • Gauges & Instruments • Valves • Heat Exchangers • Welding • Electrical Safety • Sources of Electricity • Batteries • Bearings • Boilers • Generating Electricity

Week 4 • Direct Current Ohm's Law • Transformers • Circuit Measurement • Fluke Instruments • Motor Controllers • Reading Drawings • DC Generators And Motors • Final Assessments Diesels • Auxiliary • Terms & Symbols • Electrical Distribution • AC Generators and Motors • Wiring techniques • Conductors • General • Electrical



20 day class in Fort Lauderdale

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