USCG Engineering Exam Prep License Advancement Course
Course 261

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Course Description

261 USCG Engineering Exam Prep License Advancement Course Description Engineer Exam Prep Study Course.

The course is three weeks (15 days) in length and is ideal for all original issuance and upgrades of USCG Merchant Mariner Engineering Credentials through to Chief Engineer. If you are planning to take your QMED Oiler, check out course #265, MPT's USCG Approved QMED Oiler Course - No Test At USCG PLUS 90 Days of Sea Time Credit!

Why Choose MPT to prepare for your Engineering Exams? This is one of the only Engineering Exam Preparation Courses in the country that is led by a Chief Engineer all day every day. You will not sit at a computer answering questions until you need help, you will actually be in a classroom environment including engineering theory lectures, question and answer interpretation, explanation of the numerous illustrations used during the exams and review of the math and formulas needed to pass the exams.

The course includes your training, your textbooks, and a helpful memory device to use for additional study with the most current USCG Examination Questions. There is no better way to prepare for your engineering exams! Students come from all over the world for this course. We work with you every step of the way. Career counselling to help you determine the best path for advancement is also available through the student services office. An MPT Regulatory counselor can help to explain all of the licensing and regulations that will affect your training, certification, raise in grades, and renewals.

The Syllabus for Course #261 includes:

Week 1: General Subjects: Taking U.S.C.G. Exams • Mechanical Advantage • Oily Water Separators • Reading Measuring Instruments • Regulating valves • Hydraulics • Auxiliary Equipment, Pumps and Piping • Gears • Lathe terms • Reading Drawings • Thermodynamics Electricity: • Series and Parallel Circuits • Transformers and Inductance • Basic Motor and Generator Theory • 3 Phase Calculations • Automated Control and Alarm Systems Refrigeration: • Thermodynamic Principles • Refrigeration Cycle • Heat Transfer Calculations • Multi-Box Control • Refrigerated Container Overview • Air Conditioning on Ships • A/C Calculations • Optional HVAC EPA Universal Exam (#270) available the end of the second week for those who need the 608 certification. Additional exam fee applies. Sign up as early as possible to get additional study materials. End of Week Test.

Week 2: Motors: • Thermodynamic and Work, Principles and Terms • 2-Stroke, 4-Stroke Cycles • Trunk and Crosshead Engines • Governors • Gear Reduction • Turbo/Super Chargers • Fuel pumps and Injectors • Auxiliary Boilers • Purifiers • Evaporators Code of Federal Regulations: • Familiarization and How to Search Safety: • General Review of U.S.C.G. Concerns Steam Propulsion (as applicable based on candidates) • Steam, Feed,& Condensate Cycles • Steam Turbines • Main Gears • Thrust Bearings • Condensers • Air ejectors • Main Propulsion Boilers, Theory and Operation • Boiler Water Treatment End of Week Tests.

Week 3: Math: • General Subjects • Electricity • Refrigeration • Motors • Safety General Review Final MPT Exams USCG EXAMS.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION *We recommend that when possible you schedule your exams at the USCG Regional Examination Center (REC) as soon as you can after your course is finished and work towards meeting that goal.

For Pre-Study before the course, you can obtain your memory device if desired, at the time of registration. Just ask and you can pick it up or we can ship it. Required Course Materials Passport or Driver’s License (ID), Pencil, Pen, Highlighters, Calculator, Lap Top Computer.

15 day class in Fort Lauderdale

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Required Materials

Passport or Drivers License (ID), Pencil, Pen, Highlighters, Calculator, Lap top - Recommended (if you want to study CD here - PC Based. Not MAC) Local rentals are available.


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Great Instructor
Francis, Friday May 2018
USCG Engineering Exam Prep License Advancement Course
don did a great job with the class I can not thank you enough
Robert, Friday January 2015
USCG Engineering Exam Prep License Advancement Course
This course was outstanding and Don's level of knowledge is very high. He does a great job of explaining to a level that we could all understand. I will highly recommend this course to all of my peers.
Jeremy, Thursday January 2014
USCG Engineering Exam Prep License Advancement Course
Great course
Finn, Thursday January 2013
USCG Engineering Exam Prep License Advancement Course