PYA Yacht Interior Advanced Laundry Service
Course 802

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Preparing for PYA Yacht Interior Advanced Laundry Service

Course Description

This PYA G.U.E.S.T. approved 1 day Advanced Laundry Service Module meets the Professional Yachting Association criteria for Advanced GUEST II training. It is designed for stews who have served in the Interior Department for at least 2 seasons previously with at least 60 days of guest service experience. Objectives: • Applying and Managing Effective Laundry Services Onboard • Laundry Guidelines Book • Laundry Record Book • Crew and Guest Laundry and Stain Treating Procedures • Demonstrate an Understanding of Applying Laundry Labels • How To Treat Linen/Cotton/Wool/Silk/Polyester/Mixed Fabrics • Demonstrate an Understanding of Machine Usage and Maintenance Plans • Ironing, Folding, and Presenting Garments About your instructor: Alene Keenan, certified PYA GUEST Yacht Interior Course Writer and Instructor is a former yacht stewardess, monthly columnist for The Triton Yachting newspaper and author of The Yacht Guru’s Bible: The Service Manual for Every Yacht. Through her years in service, onboard training and classroom education she has trained thousands of hospitality industry professionals worldwide. Affectionately known as the Yacht Stew Guru, she is a huge proponent of education and is dedicated to training and mentoring the next generations of service professionals. Her company, Yacht Stew Solutions was founded in 2007 and her monthly column, Stew Cues, has been running since 2008. MPT is proud to have Alene represent our school as the lead instructor for Interior Department Training.

1 day class in Fort Lauderdale

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