Oceans Navigation / Celestial Navigation
Course 201

Increase the scope of your license to "UPON OCEANS" at MPT, with NO testing required at a USCG Regional Examination Center (REC)! Learn how to use a marine sextant to fix your position by means of the sun, stars, and planets. Learn critical skills to be able to navigate a vessel upon the world's oceans!

Preparing for Oceans Navigation / Celestial Navigation

Course Description

Delivered by highly qualified MPT Instructor(s), this course covers all required types of celestial navigation calculations for mates and masters. It will satisfy the Celestial Navigation Training & Assessment Requirement of STCW A-II/1, as amended for raise in scope.

Course Approval

Any applicant who has successfully completed Celestial Navigation/Oceans Navigation (500/1600 GRT) (MARTPT-107) course will satisfy the oceans navigation, professional examination requirements, Navigation General: Oceans and Navigation Problems: Oceans, for increasing the scope of the following for an endorsement as: 

  • Second or Third Mate of self-propelled vessels of unlimited tonnage from near coastal to oceans, AND
  • Master or Mate of self-propelled vessels ofless than 500 or 1600 GRT from near coastal to oceans; AND
  • Master or Mate of self-propelled vessels of less than 200 GRT from near coastal to oceans, AND
  • Master or Mate ofUninspected Fishing Industry Vessels from near coastal to oceans, AND

The Celestial Navigation training requirements of 46 CPR 11.309(a)(4)(viii) for an STCW endorsement as OICNW on vessels of 500 GT or more; and the assessments tasks 1.1.A; 1.1.B; 1.1.C; 1.1.D; 1.1.E; and 1.1.F from NVIC 12-14(Ch-2), and the assessment tasks 1.2.A, 1.2.B, 1.2.C, 2.1.A, 2.1.B, 2.1.C, and 3.1.A from NVICs 11-14(Ch-2), 10-14 (Ch-2) and 03-18.

Length: 14 days (8 hr)

This course is also an excellent refresher for Chief Mate/Master Unlimited Candidates preparing for their USCG Examinations.

Subjects Covered:

Nautical Astronomy

Sextant and Altitude Correction

Explanation of Nomenclature 

Understanding Time and Time Zones

Time Ticks

Sight Reduction and Lines of Position 

Running Fixes – Stars, Any Bodies 

Intercept and Azimuth Method

Latitude by Polaris


Meridian Transits – Latitude at Local Apparent Noon

Time of Celestial Phenomena: Sunrise, Sunset, and Moonrise

Star Identification and Selection

Ocean Sailings (Parallel, Mercator, Mid Latitude, Great Circle)

High Altitude Sights

Voyage & Route Planning using Gnomonic Charts

Estimated Time of Arrival

Practical Assessments using your Sextant


If applying for a USCG endorsement the following prerequisites apply: 

- A 100 ton License or a Completion Certificate from an approved 100 ton program.

- Sufficient sea time to be eligible for the 100 ton license

- 200 Ton Master Upgrade course

Please reach out to a career counselor if you have any questions: 954 - 525 - 1014

14 day class in Fort Lauderdale

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Required Materials

PASSPORT for Photo ID, Paper, Pencil, Pen, 2 Highlighters (different colors), Scientific Calculator (TI-30xa), Plotting Tools, Sextant (can be rented or purchased at MPT), Chart Quality Eraser, Starfinder, 1981 Nautical Almanac, Bowditch Vol. II 1981 Version, Universal Plotting Sheets


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Everything is being done nicely and professionally. The office staff are amazing and helpful. They love their job. You are treated with love and smiles from these great ladies. Our lecturer John is professional and dedicated. The subject was well taught. He assists and encourages his students. He is ver transparent as well. The classroom is always clean. Thanks again for another opportunity.
Sylvester, Friday October 2020
Oceans Navigation / Celestial Navigation
I can say with all honesty that I just couldn’t possibly see how MPT could improve any. What I mean by this is that the facility is almost flawless. Every instructor is knowledgeable as well as helpful. All the ladies up front are attentive, helpful, and knowledgeable as well. I’ve been going to MPT for all of my mariner needs since 2017 and even traveling 13 plus hours from Louisiana to do so. My reasoning behind it is because of how sure I am of the capability MPT offers you to pass any REC exam and or campus related courses. If you want full satisfaction and guarantee then I Highly recommend this facility. Thank you MPT!
Lehman, Thursday November 2019
Oceans Navigation / Celestial Navigation
There are excellent office staffs and instructors.
Aung, Saturday June 2019
Oceans Navigation / Celestial Navigation
Awesome class. Glad I took this course with MPT.
James, Friday June 2019
Oceans Navigation / Celestial Navigation
Andy was an excellent instructor and made an otherwise daunting course understandable and accessible for all types of learners. I will happily sit in another class taught by Andy in the future.
Jessica, Thursday April 2019
Oceans Navigation / Celestial Navigation
Keep doing what you are doing, as you are doing grrrreat!
Giles, Thursday March 2017
Oceans Navigation / Celestial Navigation
Andy is the best instructor ever. I will take any class that he teaches. Total commitment to teaching and hie students.
Thomas, Thursday August 2016
Oceans Navigation / Celestial Navigation
Pretty impressed with MPT as a whole.
Daniel, Thursday April 2016
Oceans Navigation / Celestial Navigation
Thanks for the great training.
Steven, Thursday July 2014
Oceans Navigation / Celestial Navigation