Master of Yachts Unlimited Tonnage - Marshall Islands Capstone Course
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Preparing for Master of Yachts Unlimited Tonnage - Marshall Islands...

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Course Description


The Capstone Course is comprised of classroom training in Marshall Islands Law, & simulator familiarization and a comprehensive assessment (written and practical) towards the Marshall Islands Endorsement to Master of Yachts Unlimited Tonnage. The Master of Yachts Unlimited is an STCW II/2 level Certificate of Competence issued by the Marshall Islands Shipping Registry. The Capstone Course/Assessment will be held as scheduled when at least two (2) candidates are confirmed and approved.

The Cayman Islands Registry has also recognized the Marshall Islands Master of Yacht Unlimited Tonnage CoC. 

Qualifications & Prerequisites:
The applicant must have completed one year of sea service within the last 5 years as follows (no exceptions):

  • Holders of a yacht CoC must show service aboard a yacht > 500 GT in the grade of Master, 270 days of which must be actual at sea time (one year = 365 days).
  • Holders of a merchant vessel CoC must show service aboard a vessel >500 GT in the grade of Master, 180 days of which must be actual at sea time; or be qualified to sit for the STCW Master (Unlimited) examination (one year = 365 days).

CoC Prerequisites: Any of the following:

a) STCW II/2 Master - Yachts 3000 Gross Tons (GT); or

b) STCW II/2 Master – Vessels 3000 GT.

 Training Prerequisites: based on STCW Table A-II/2

The training prerequisites for this endorsement are based on the IMO STCW Code as amended in 2010 for Table A-II/2 Management Level for Master of vessels of over 3000GT with the exception of the Cargo related subjects as the endorsement will be limited to use of Yachts.

The courses can be taken at recognized institutions offering merchant level STCW II/2 Compliant Training. Please note that most courses designed for Yachts will not meet the curriculum necessary to fulfill the depth of knowledge needed for an unlimited tonnage level certificate. If you have a question regarding the scope of the training or whether your previous training meets the intended Knowledge, Understanding & Proficiencies (KUP's) needed, please send copies of your certificates to us and we will review for you. 

STCW Table II/2 requires formal training in the following areas before undertaing the final capstone assessments:

STCW Basic Safety Training (refresher) (this is a 3 day course MPT 165)
Advanced Firefighting
 (this is a 4 day course MPT 145 /413)
Advanced Meteorology
(this is a 40 hour management level meteorology course equivalent to MPT 608)
Advanced Navigation (this is a 40 hour management level navigation course equivalent to MPT 602)
Advanced Shiphandling (this is a 70 hour management level full mission simulator course equivalent to MPT 620)
Advanced Stability (this is a 40 hour management level course equivalent to MPT 605)
ARPA (this is a 40 hour course equivalent to MPT 150 focusing on the use of ARPA)
Bridge Resource Management (this is a 24 hour course equivalent to MPT 151)
Celestial Navigation (this is a 112 hour comprehensive course equivalent to MPT 201 and including sailings, etc.)
ECDIS (this is a 40 hour course equivalent to IMO Model 1.27 and MPT 601)
Leadership & Management Skills or HELM (M) - (this is a 40 hour course equivalent to MPT 616)
ISPS Security (this is a 24 hour ship security officer level course equivalent to MPT 171)
Marine Propulsion Plants (this is 40 hour engine course designed for Deck Officers/Masters equivalent to MPT 610)
Management of Medical Care at Sea - Medical Person In Charge (equivalent to MPT courses 154 or 406) 
Proficiency in Survival and Rescue Craft (PSCRB) (this is a 32 andincludes assessments completed at MPT's waterside facility)

Application Process:

Candidates must apply to the Marshall Islands with their experience, qualifications and proof of prerequisite training for approval to take this course and assessment prior to enrollment at MPT. The Marshall Islands Shipping Registry will inform the candidate of any additional training or experience they will need to demonstrate prior to acceptance onto the course.

 The applicant must have had an approved physical examination within the last two (2) years 5. Identification Document (passport) 6. Passport size photo NOTE: Applicants must be pre-approved to take the course. A completed Application for Original Officer CoC by Examination (MI-105E) must be submitted along with a $300.00 non refundable fee to the address below before the applicant can take the examination and be issued any CoC by the training facility. 

For Questions regarding the application process or qualifying for the endorsement or taking training prerequisites:
Contact Captain John Hafner at the Marshall Islands Shipping Registry or Lisa Morley at MPT Fort Lauderdale.


Written Examination Assessment:
This is essentially a Master Unlimited examination (with the exception of cargo related subjects). It is recommended that all candidates complete significant study and preparation in advance. Please note that the capstone course will not include any examination preparation.

Many candidates find it necessary to complete months of pre assessment study and preparation. This is a high level exam and managing your expectations is very important. MPT and RMI want to help you along your study path to be prepared to be successful on your exam. This exam is likely to be more comprehensive than any you have taken in the past as it designed to be an unlimited tonnage merchant exam.

It is also important that you are preparing for a multiple choice style exam where there is no partial credit for effort. The answers are either correct or incorrect and minimum passing scores range from 70 - 90% depending on the section.

Candidates may wish to pursue a Deck Officer or Chief Mate / Master Examination Preparation Course either in school or through online or home study resources before undertaking this capstone examination. 

MPT does not create or control the examinations. These are designed and managed and overseen solely by RMI.

MPT recommends the following methods of preparation:
MPT 625 Chief Mate/ Master Preparation Course online study program for Master Unlimited Oceans
For an in depth review in Rules of the Road & Chart Navigation, consider MPT 200 Terrestrial & Coastal Navigation
Study the Marshall Islands Law at least but not limited to sections 103, 107, 108, 319Y
Significant self study

Note that all formulaes for navigation, shiphandling and stability, etc. are required to be known by candidate and will not be available in any reference book during the examination.

 Examination Modules:


# of Questions

Time (Hrs.)

Minimum Score

1. Navigation Problems




2. Practical Navigation




3. Rules & Regulations




4. Stability




5. Oceans, Winds & Wx




6. Safety & Seamanship




Total No. of Q’s & Time





Practical Assessment:

Candidates will be assessed on the MPT SMART Full Mission Simulators to determine their ability to successfully complete the command skills needed to fulfill the criteria to receive an endorsement for MI Master of Yachts Unlimited Tonnage.

This is a three phase assessment.

Phase One: Depart “Port A” and transit to sea
Phase Two: Arrive at “Port B” and moor at Customs Dock
Phase Three: Depart Customs Dock, transit to in port mooring, and moor

Simulator Assessment Scoring:

  • Pass/Fail
    • Automatic failure if:
      • Collision
      • Allision
      • Grounding
      • Exceed pre-determined time limit
    • Fail if accumulate more than 30 points of deductions for:
      • Near miss (collision, allision or grounding)
      • Variance from intended track by more than “X” meters
      • Too hard a mooring (measured by momentum)

Exceed expected (normal) time by specific time intervals




see above

5 day class in Fort Lauderdale

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Required Materials

Passport ID, Letter of Approval from MISR/IR, Pencil, Paper, Scientific Calculator (non programmable), Starfinder, Plotting Tools.


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