Marine Propulsion Plants
Course 610

Satisfy the Marine Propulsion Plant competence requirements! Learn about the various propulsion methods such as steam, diesel, and gas turbine. Various auxiliary systems such as; generators, electrical distribution systems, steering systems, water making systems and sewage processing systems. These topics will be covered at the management level by an unlimited Chief Engineer. Contact the Student Services Office for availability.

Preparing for Marine Propulsion Plants

Course Description

Marine Propulsion Plants for Chief Mates & Masters - Course #610
This 5 day course covers subjects to provide a general knowledge of a ship’s propulsion and auxiliary systems. This course will satisfy the Marine Propulsion Plant Training of STCW A-II/2 for raise in grade from the operational to management level licenses as per USCG NVICs 10-14, 11-14 and 03-18. 

Any applicant who has successfully completed your Marine Propulsion Plants
(MARTPT-272) course will satisfy:

  • The Vessel Power Plants training requirements of 46 CFR 11.910, Table 2, Column 1; AND
  • The standards of competence required by 46 CFR 11.305(a)(2), 11.307(a)(2), 11.311(a)(2), 11.313(a)(2), and 11.315(a)(2); STCW Code Section A-II/2 and Table A-II/2, as amended 2010, meeting the National Assessment Guidelines from:
  • NVIC 10-14(Ch-4) Tasks 10.1.A, 10.1.B, 10.1.C, 10.1.D, 10.2.A, 10.2.B, 10.2.C, 10.2.D, 10.2.F, 10.2.G, 10.2.H, 10.2.I, 10.2.J, 10.2.K, 10.3.A and 10.3.B; AND
  •  NVIC 11-14(Ch-4) Tasks 10.1.A, 10.1.C, 10.1.D, 10.2.A, 10.2.B, 10.2.C, 10.2.E, 10.2.F, 10.2.G, 10.2.H, 10.2.I, 10.2.J, 10.3.A and 10.3.B; AND
  • NVIC 03-18(Ch-2) Tasks 10.1.A, 10.1.C, 10.1.D, 10.2.B, 10.2.C, 10.2.E, 10.2.F, 10.2.G, 10.2.H, 10.2.I, 10.2.J, 10.3.A and 10.3.B; AND
  • NVIC 13-14(Ch-4) Tasks 5.2.A, 5.2.B, 5.2.C, 5.2.D, and 5.2.E.

Applicants who have successfully completed your course need not present completed “Task Control Sheets” for these assessments in application for STCW certification.

Subjects Include:
Steam Propulsion
Diesel Propulsion
Gas Turbine Propulsion
Electrical Distribution
Steering Systems
Water Making Systems
Sewage Processing Systems

5 day class in Fort Lauderdale

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The instructor, Andrew, was teaching this course for the first time but really nailed it. His experience and careful articulation of the areas was great.
Leonard, Friday March 2018
Marine Propulsion Plants
Instructor is probably the most knowledgeable teacher about his subject I have ever had. Learned a lot. Thanks.
Ryan, Friday March 2018
Marine Propulsion Plants
Great Class !
John, Friday March 2015
Marine Propulsion Plants