Introduction to Yachting
Course 807

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Introduction to Yachting - Course #807
Glimpse Into Working on Superyachts
This 1 day course is ideal for all new crew working in any department on private and charter super yachts. This course includes an amazing amount of information relevant to obtaining employment in the superyacht industry.  Life onboard the yacht, Nautical Terminology, departments, vessel layout & design, Chain of Command, Individual and Interpersonal Relationships, Choosing Exceptional Service for all Crewmembers, Etiquette and Personal Graces, Code of Ethics, Life Balances, Yacht Roles and definitions, Image and Personal Presentation, International Protocol, Language and Speech, the Relationship of Service Privacy and Professional Boundaries.


Students taking this course should also consider taking Powerboat Level Two (#307) as well as STCW Basic Safety Training program (#140) and Security Awareness Training (#561) 

1 day class in Fort Lauderdale

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