Fast Rescue Boats (FRB)
Course 147

3 day course theory and practical training and assessment utilizing MPT’s Fast Rescue Boats. Subjects Include: Introduction to Rigid Hull Inflatable Fast, Rescue Boats, Start up and Shut down of the FRB, Basic High and Low Speed Operations, Prevailing Sea and Weather Conditions, Mechanical Systems and Trouble Shooting, Heavy Weather Operations, Open Water Rescue, Running alongside another vessel underway, Riding a sea painter, Helicopter Hoists, and Stern and side towing

Preparing for Fast Rescue Boats (FRB)

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Fast Rescue Boats - Course #147

Delivered by highly qualified MPT Instructor(s), this course covers this 3 day course theory and practical training and assessment utilizing MPT’s Fast Rescue Boats. This course will satisfy the Training and Practical Assessments of STCW A-VI/2, Table A-VI/2-2 and all tasks in NVIC 05-14. This course is required for those individuals assigned to operate Fast Rescue Boats. 

Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue 
Boats or Lifeboatman
Subjects Include:
Introduction to Rigid Hull Inflatable Fast 
Rescue Boats
Start up and Shut down of the FRB
Basic High and Low Speed Operations
Prevailing Sea and Weather Conditions
Mechanical Systems and Trouble Shooting
Heavy Weather Operations
Open Water Rescue
Running alongside another vessel underway
Riding a sea painter
Helicopter Hoists
Stern and side towing

Approved Assessments:

NVIC 05-14 – ALL Tasks


PSC/Lifeboatman/RHIB Experience

3 day class in Fort Lauderdale

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Required Materials

PASSPORT for Photo ID, Paper, Pencil, Pen, Highlighter, Bathing Suit/Shorts you don’t mind getting wet , closed toed shoes that you don’t mind getting wet, sunscreen, hat, and proof of Proficiency in Survival Craft course completion.


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I love MPT This is by far the best school for mariners that I have ever attended. Thank you all at MPT for the work you do.. Cheers
Timothy, Friday June 2024
Fast Rescue Boats (FRB)
Great class. The most fun I’ve had at MPT so far. Thanks Russ! Thanks Kerry! Thanks Terri
Mickey, Sunday March 2021
Fast Rescue Boats (FRB)
Everything about the course was Outstanding! In my humble opinion nothing needs to change.
Edgar, Saturday April 2019
Fast Rescue Boats (FRB)
Excellent Class and Very Good Instructors and Excellent equipment to use during the class I will recommend to many to attend not only this class but the whole School in General.Good Class Good Training and Instructors and a Good Atmosphere.Excellent Place to Learn
James, Friday June 2018
Fast Rescue Boats (FRB)
This class was well prepared and well instructed. I wouldn't change a thing.
Justin, Friday March 2018
Fast Rescue Boats (FRB)
Great job . . nice equipment for the class !
Corwin, Friday February 2017
Fast Rescue Boats (FRB)
Great training and quality trainer. Russ Keys was my trainer and I would highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for a training center to meet all of their maritime needs.
Milton, Friday September 2016
Fast Rescue Boats (FRB)
Always a pleasure here. Love everyone. So helpful and knowledgeable.
Jeremy, Friday June 2016
Fast Rescue Boats (FRB)
A pleasure for me staying in Ft. Lauderdale for my training.
Roger, Sunday March 2015
Fast Rescue Boats (FRB)
It was a great class. Would not change anything. Thank you
Derek, Wednesday January 2015
Fast Rescue Boats (FRB)
The FRB class was extremely informative and worthwhile to attend.
Zachary, Friday September 2014
Fast Rescue Boats (FRB)
Keep doing what you are doing, one of the best courses I have attended. Very good interaction between students/ instructors.
Nicholas, Friday March 2014
Fast Rescue Boats (FRB)
Absolutely no improvements that I see to be made st this moment. The staff I had the pleasure to work with we're very nice and knowledgeable in regards to the subject taught.
Chance, Thursday November 2013
Fast Rescue Boats (FRB)
While the class was fast paced, the instructors slowed the pace instantly both ini the classroom and on the water to give personal attention to any student that needed any help whatsoever.
MICHAEL, Saturday October 2013
Fast Rescue Boats (FRB)
Excellent course....
Stephen, Monday July 2013
Fast Rescue Boats (FRB)
I absolutely love attending courses here! Don't change a thing!
Preston, Wednesday September 2012
Fast Rescue Boats (FRB)