Dynamic Positioning Induction (Basic DP)
Course 770

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Preparing for Dynamic Positioning Induction (Basic DP)

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Course Description

DP Induction / Basic

This course involves both theory and practice on a simulated DP system and covers the following topics:

1. Principles of DP

2. Elements of the DP System

3. Practical Operation of the DP System

4. Position Reference Systems

5. Environment Sensors and Ancillary Equipment

6. Power Generation and Supply and Propulsion

7. DP Operations

On successful completion of the Induction/Basic course the prospective Dynamic Positioning Operator will be issued with a Nautical Institute’s Dynamic Positioning Operator’s logbook by MPT in which the courses, sea time and suitability as a DPO are recorded by the company.

The Nautical Institute has strict entry level requirements for the DP program. Please speak to a MPT counselor for additional information regarding minimum licensing requirments.



4 day class in Fort Lauderdale

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Required Materials

You will be required to provide evidence of your STCW endorsed merchant mariner credential prior to acceptance into the program as well as having met the NAUTICAL INSTITUTE'S minimum entry requirements. Please contact a MPT counselor for further information at info@mptusa.com or review online at http://www.nautinst.org/ You will need your passport/national id, pen,notebook, pencil, highlighter.


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I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and look forward to returning in the future
John, Thursday January 2024
Dynamic Positioning Induction (Basic DP)
Perfect class, excellent instructor
Diana, Thursday June 2021
Dynamic Positioning Induction (Basic DP)
I was very happy with class. Ben Adams did a great job explaining the material. Course material was very well organized and structured logically. I feel like I got my money's worth.
Aldous, Thursday February 2020
Dynamic Positioning Induction (Basic DP)
I believe you guys have done a great job lot of information from start to finish great inspiration from my instructor
Simeon, Thursday December 2019
Dynamic Positioning Induction (Basic DP)
I always enjoy attending class at MPT.
Raymond, Friday December 2017
Dynamic Positioning Induction (Basic DP)
Theirs is nothing to improve. It has been one of the best school i have attented so far. Everyone was friendly and the instructor was great. Am really place to take my study their and am hopping to return in the near furute to attend more class...
Shayne, Thursday July 2016
Dynamic Positioning Induction (Basic DP)
keep on growing and doing the great job you do.........
Jeffrey, Friday June 2016
Dynamic Positioning Induction (Basic DP)
A great experience, hope to go back soon to continue my education.
CLERY TREVES, Thursday February 2015
Dynamic Positioning Induction (Basic DP)
Everything was first class. I will be attending more classes in the future.
Aldous, Thursday November 2014
Dynamic Positioning Induction (Basic DP)
I rarely rate anything as a 10 but MPT is a school I really enjoy attending. Staff and instructors are very friendly and so helpful Given a choice MPT is the school I will always choose.
Shawn, Friday September 2014
Dynamic Positioning Induction (Basic DP)
Great experience. The instructor Bernard Charon was top notch. The facilities and simulators are incredible.
Craig, Saturday August 2014
Dynamic Positioning Induction (Basic DP)
Hey thanks alot for giving me the opportunity to once again toot the MPT horn here. That was another fabulous class! Bernard is a really amazing instructor and I learned so much. I believe I made the right choice by choosing a school that didn't spend most of the time trying to sell one particular brand of DP system but instead concentrated on making the students the best possible DPO's. I can't wait to get my 30 days done so I can come back for the advanced class! Thanks again MPT - you guys are awesome!
Eric, Monday June 2014
Dynamic Positioning Induction (Basic DP)
Scott and Bernard were two of the best, most patient and receptive teachers I have had in this industry. Gave me a thorough understanding of the basics and an idea of what is like to work on a DP vessel. I will definitely come back to MPT for my advanced with Scott and Bernard teaching!
Henry, Saturday January 2014
Dynamic Positioning Induction (Basic DP)
The class was professionally run and time was managed very well by the professor. He did a very good job for preparing us for the exam.
Samuel, Sunday December 2013
Dynamic Positioning Induction (Basic DP)
Both, the training facility and the instructors are great. Bernard is an excellent instructor with great teaching capabilities, fully patient and supportive. Thanks for the awesome experience.
Vladimir, Saturday December 2013
Dynamic Positioning Induction (Basic DP)
wow,I was so impress with the facilities,thanks very much for mpt
Marlon, Friday March 2013
Dynamic Positioning Induction (Basic DP)