Designated Duty Engineer (DDE) Unlimited Horsepower
Course 267

A designated duty engineer DDE is defined by STCW as the engineer in charge of a watch in a periodically unmanned engine room. Under the United States regulations, the DDE may serve as a Chief Engineer on domestic vessels of not more than 500grt.

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Course Description

Designated Duty Engineer (DDE) of Unlimited Horsepower Course 267/MARTPT 157:

This course is designed to be undertaken by individuals who wish to improve their theoretical knowledge and proficiency in engineering subjects, and to complete in lieu of written examination at the USCG as listed below, or for additional sea time credit as listed below.

This DDE Course is taught at the well equipped MPT Campus in Fort Lauderdale, by USCG Approved, Experienced, Licensed Engineers who are passionate about sharing their knowledge, experience and skill. Students will be given an introduction to our full mission Transas Engine Room Simulator with the capabilities of simulating the following plants in real time.

Cruise Ship - Azipod Diesel Electric - Six Generators

CPR RO-PAX ferry -Medium Speed Diesel- Twin MAN 32/40

Product Tanker - Slow Speed Diesel - MAN B&W 6S60MC-C

Subjects taught in this course include:

Administration of the Engineering Department
Reading Prints & Tables
Principles of the Operation of Diesel Engines
Classification of Diesel Engines
Stationary Engine Components
Air Intake Systems
Exhaust Systems
Cooling Systems
Lubricating Systems
Fuel Oil & Fuel Oil Systems
Starting Systems
Heat Exchangers
Casualty Control, Safety Devices & Plant Operation
Auxiliary Boilers
Drive Systems
Ballast & Bilge Systems
Refrigeration & HVAC Systems
Oily Water Separators
Compressed Air Systems
Evaporators & Distillers
Fuel Oil Filtration & Purification
Steering Gear
Control & Automation Systems
Materials & Workshop Equipment & Technology
Pipelines & Valves
Hull & Deck Equipment
Ship Stability
Ship Construction & Repair
Sanitary & Sewage Systems
Steam Systems
Basic Electricity & Electrical Safety
Direct Current & Ohms Law
DC Generators & Motors
Alternating Current
AC Alternators & Motors
Motor Controllers
Circuit Measurement
Digital Multimeters
High Voltage Systems
Distribution Systems & Ships Lighting
Electric Propulsion
Electronic Systems
Risk Assessment & Engineering Safety
Fire Fighting Theory & Fire Prevention
Pollution Prevention
Legislative Requirements 

This 4 week / 160 hour course is approved by the USCG for the following:

Any applicant who successfully completed your Designated Duty Engineer (DDE) Unlimited Horsepower (MARTPT-157) course within 1 year of application will:

  • Receive 45 days of sea service credit that can be applied towards the service requirements of 46 CFR 11.524(b)(1) for a credential as Designated Duty Engineer of Motor Propelled Vessels of Unlimited Horsepower;


  • Satisfy the professional examination requirements of 46 CFR 11.903(a)(34) for a national officer endorsement as Designated Duty Engineer Less Than 4,000 HP Motor. This approval is limited to the original issuance of Designated Duty Engineer Less Than 4,000 HP Motor only. Any other endorsement sought in conjunction with this approval will require the successful completion of the USCG issued examination for that endorsement. This course does not satisfy any STCW Competency or Training.

Application of this course for endorsment may be used for only one transaction.




none for course but to qualify for a license from USCG see checklists on the NMC site

22 day class in Fort Lauderdale

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Required Materials

You will be required to show ID (a passport is preferred). You should bring a laptop, scientific calculator, paper, pencil and highlighters for notes.



Keep doing what you're doing, was very impressed with how professional things were. I will definitely come back for any further classes I might need in the future.
Daniel, Thursday December 2023
Designated Duty Engineer (DDE) Unlimited Horsepower
James, Friday October 2018
Designated Duty Engineer (DDE) Unlimited Horsepower
Christopher, Friday October 2018
Designated Duty Engineer (DDE) Unlimited Horsepower
I Love MPT, Great Staff and Great Facility!
Todd, Friday November 2017
Designated Duty Engineer (DDE) Unlimited Horsepower
Pete the teacher was absolutely awesome ..took the time for questions and I was even allowed to text him if I got hung up on a question studying at home .....Thanks pete I couldn't have don't it without you....
michael, Saturday February 2017
Designated Duty Engineer (DDE) Unlimited Horsepower