Crisis Management
Course 156

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Preparing for Crisis Management

Course Description

Crisis Management - Course #156
This 1 day course includes classroom lectures and role playing scenarios to familiarize crew members in charge of assisting passengers during an emergency. The prerequisite for this module is Crowd Management. This class is available at MPT or companies/vessels can schedule it to be conducted onboard the vessel to enhance the realism of the scenarios. 
This course satisfies requirements for those personnel having responsibility for the safety of passengers in emergency situations in accordance with 46 CFR 11.1105(a)(1)(iii); AND Table A-V/2 and Paragraph 3 of Section A-V/2; AND, the Passenger Safety, Cargo Safety and Hull Integrity training requirements of Paragraph 4 of Section A-V/2 of the STCW Code, As Amended 2010.
Subjects Include:
Leadership Role 
Decision Making
Organizing Emergency
Response Procedures
Optimizing Resources

1 day class in Fort Lauderdale

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Keep up with the excellent work. Congrats.
Dimitra, Friday June 2016
Crisis Management