Advanced Stability
Course 605

Satisfy the Advanced Stability training requirement for Chief Mates and Masters and get some of the necessary Advanced Stability assessments completed along the way! Learn even more about stability issues a Chief Mate or Master can encounter while working through some of these scenarios on a stability software. Contact the Student Services Office for availability.

Preparing for Advanced Stability

Course Description

Advanced Stability - Course #605
This 5 day course covers every aspect of calculating stability, trim, bending and shearing moments for the Chief Mate and Master. This course will satisfy the Advanced Stability Training of STCW A-II/2 for raise in grade from the operational to management level licenses as per USCG NVICs 10-14, 11-14 and 03-18. 
Prerequisite: any one of the following
Basic Stability Course
Chief Mate License upgrading to Master
Graduation of a Maritime Academy
Or Strong Background in the Subject 
Subjects Include:
Bending Moment
Damage Stability
Use of Stability Software Programs
Advanced Calculations
NVIC 10-14, 11-14 and 03-18 Tasks completed:
 9.10, 11.2, 11.3, 14.1, 14.2, 14.3, and 17.2.A

5 day class in Fort Lauderdale

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Required Materials

PASSPORT for Photo ID, Paper, Pencil, Pen, Highlighter, Scientific Calculator, Stability Data Reference Book, plotting tools.



I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for the exceptional course provided. It was impeccably delivered and thoroughly comprehensive. Thank you immensely.
Caio, Friday April 2024
Advanced Stability
Possibly the best training I’ve had in my 40 years at sea. I needed the certificate for STCW and already had the CG testing done. I reviewed and practiced prior to class. I’d suggest sending study material out to all students prior to class so they can freshen up basic stability, formulas, etc.
Matthew, Friday February 2023
Advanced Stability
Excellent class diving more in depth from basic stability. Tough class and still much to learn, however, I feel much more prepared for testing and real world applications. Instructor truly knows the material and how to present it to students.
Jason, Friday December 2022
Advanced Stability
I learned more about Stability in a week than in a semester long class at a Maritime College. Everything was explained and broken down very well. The pace of the class was perfect. I had a wonderful experience.
Brendan, Tuesday October 2020
Advanced Stability
MPT is the leader in the industry and the most technology advanced school out there in the world! Dave is an professional instructor. He has such an amazing way to teach a difficult topic that everyone fully understands. No other schoool can provide this training at this high caliber.
Paul, Monday February 2019
Advanced Stability
Good experience thanks
Francisco, Friday September 2017
Advanced Stability
Had Jack Krantz again for Stability. Never met anyone in the industry as knowledgeable, with the experience to back it up. I dreaded this course like the plague and I'm certain no one could have made it more interesting and understandable than Jack.
Frank, Friday October 2012
Advanced Stability