Class 022578 for
Deck Officer Upgrade /Terrestrial Coastal Navigation/Master/Mate/500/1600/3000 Unlimited Mate/ OICNW
Course 200

On top of satisfying the STCW training requirement for Terrestrial & Coastal Navigation, this class provides an excellent jump-start to prepare mariners for their USCG exams at a Regional Examination Center (REC)!

Preparing for Class 022578

15 day class in Fort Lauderdale

Class Starts Mon 01 Apr 2024 8:00 AM
Class Ends Fri 19 Apr 2024 4:00 PM
Price $ 2499.00 USD

Course Details

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Required Materials

PASSPORT for Photo ID, Paper, Pencil, Pen, 2 Highlighters (different colors), 1981 Nautical Almanac, 1981 Bowditch Vol 2, 1983 Lights List/Coast Pilot, 1983 Tide & Current Tables, 2014 Navigation Rules Book, Stability Data Reference Book, Maneuvering Boards, 3-Training Chart Set: 12221TR, 13205TR, 12354TR, Plotting Tools, Scientific Calculator TI-30Xa (not solar), Access to a Computer for study on your own at night and weekends (if you do not own one, local rentals are available)