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278 RFPEW Ratings Forming Part of an Engineering Watch


$ 495.00

Course Duration

1 Days


Course Description

This simulator and workshop based assessment session is designed to meet the requirements for the skills and knowledge to fulfill the competency of ratings to perform the engineering function at the support level, Rating Forming Part of an Engineering Watch (RFPEW) Motor, as specified in Section A-III/4 of the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) Code, as amended.

The practical assessments (tasks) will be assessed by a Qualified Assessor. Successful completion of the tasks will satisfy all assessment requirements from NVIC 07-14 (ch-2) for a Rating Forming Part of an Engineering Watch - MOTORS.

1.1.A, 1.1.B (M), 1.1.C, 1.1.D, 1.1.E, 1.1.F, 1.1.G, 1.1.H (M), 1.1.I (M), 1.1.J, 1.1.K, 1.2.A, 1.2.B, 1.2.C, 1.2.D, 1.2.E, 1.2.F, 1.3.A, 1.3.B, 1.3.C, 2.1.A, 2.1.B, 2.1.C, 2.2.A, 2.2.B, 2.3.A, 3.1.B, 3.1.D, 4.1.A, 4.2.A, and 4.2.B.

Applicants using practical tasks for endorsement as RFPEW must document at least 60 days of seagoing service that involves experience associated with engine room functions and involves the performance of duties carried under the direct supervision of an engineer officer or a qualified STCW rating.

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