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265 QMED Oiler


$ 3,299.00

Course Duration

20 Days



Course Description

This USCG Approved Course includes classroom based theory training. The course is USCG Approved in lieu of the written examination at the Coast Guard towards the issuance of a QMED Oiler Rating for those who qualify. This course will also give you 90 days sea service credit towards your Oiler endorsement.

This course is approved for both Motor and Steam propulsion.

Please contact an MPT student services career counselor for more information and assistance with USCG Application requirements. 

Any applicant who successfully completes the MPT #265 QMED - Oiler (MARTPT-389) course will satisfy the requirements of 46 CFR 12.503(b)(2) and receive credit for 90 days of the sea service towards a QMED - Oiler Endorsement, PROVIDED they also present evidence of at least 90 days engine room service; AND if presented within one year of the completion of training, satisfy the requirements of 46 CFR 12.501(c)(5) for the Oiler examination module. The course does not cover AS-E or RFPEW assessments.

Class Schedule:

Week 1

Week 2

  • Orientation
  • Stationary Engine Components
  • Air Intake Systems
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Fuel Oil
  • Fuel Oil Systems
  • Diesel Engine Introduction
  • Operating Procedures
  • Principle of Operation
  • Classification of Diesel Engines
  • Principles of Moving Parts
  • Cooling Systems
  • Lubrication Systems
  • Starting Systems
  • Diesel Engine Control
  • Operating Procedures & Casualty Control
  • Naval Architecture
  • Principles of Refrigeration
  • Refrigeration System Components & Function
  • Refrigeration System Piping & Equipment
  • Hydraulics
  • Air Compressors
  • Bilge and Ballast Systems
  • Safety & Firefighting
  • Pumps
  • Vapor Compression Refrigeration
  • Refrigeration System Components & Function
  • Refrigeration Operation
  • Power Transfer Drives
  • Pollutions Laws

Week 3

Week 4

  • Machine Shop
  • Gauges & Instruments
  • Valves
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Welding
  • Electrical Safety
  • Sources of Electricity
  • Batteries
  • Bearings
  • Boilers/Steam Propulsion
  • Generating Electricity
  • Direct Current Ohm's Law
  • Transformers
  • Circuit Measurement
  • Fluke Instruments
  • Motor Controllers
  • Reading Drawings
  • DC Generators And Motors
  • Final Assessments Diesels
  • Auxiliary
  • Terms & Symbols
  • Electrical Distribution
  • AC Generators and Motors
  • Wiring techniques
  • Conductors
  • General
  • Electrical

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You will need to bring a laptop for this class. If you do not have one, please contact us in advance so that we may recommend a rental for you. You will also need to bring pencils, paper, calculator, highlighters

STCW Basic Safety Training

90 days Sea Service within 1 year of completion for examination credit

RFPEW (only for STCW A-II/4 endorsement - not required for domestic QMED)

On Friday February 2021 Lorenzo said the following about
QMED Oiler

Amazing staff and They Love Big Al. Great school very knowledgeable instructors.

On Friday November 2013 Samantha said the following about
QMED Oiler

I am very pleased with my experience of the school, staff and classroom environment. I traveled a long way for class and you guys have made it easy on me.

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