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216 Leadership and Teamworking Skills (MARTPT-768)


$ 299.00

Course Duration

1 Days


Course Description

This one day course meets the USCG requirements for Leadership and Teamwork Training at the Operational Level.

This course is classroom based and is intended to cover the application of Leadership and Teamworking Skills for either deck or engineering personnel.

Any applicant who has successfully completed Leadership and Teamworking Skills (MARTPT-768) course swill satisfy the following:

  • The Leadership and Teamworking Skills within 46 CFR 11.309; 46 CFR 11.319; 46 CFR 11.321; AND, the following assessment tasks from the National Assessment Guidelines found in NVICs 12-14(Ch-2) and 02-18: 17.1.A and 18.1.A-18.5.A for an endorsement as Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch; AND
  • The Leadership and Teamworking Skills within 46 CFR 11.329; AND, the following assessment tasks in NVIC  17-14(Ch-1):  15.1.A; 16.1.A-16.4.A for an endorsement as Officer in Charge of an Engineering Watch.

Applicants who have successfully completed this course need not present completed Task Control Sheets for these assessments in application for STCW certification.

This course is scheduled to immediately follow the 3 day BRM Course. A $100. discount is applied for those candidates taking both consecutively. If you are applying for an STCW Compliant deck officer endorsement and have not taken BRM, we recommend that you schedule these two classes #151 and #216 back to back for four straight days. If you already have a qualifying BRM Certificate, you can simply register for the #216 module.

If you are an existing Engineering Officer and have taken an ERM course that includes Leadership & Teamworking you are not required to take this 1 day course. If you took ERM that did not include this module, you will need to register for the 1 day #216 course to meet the gap closing requirements.




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certificate must be combined with BRM

engineers must have completed ERM

On Thursday August 2018 Thomas said the following about
Leadership and Teamworking Skills (MARTPT-768)

Everything was great. You have a very good school. I enjoyed the class and learn alot.

On Friday June 2015 Matthew said the following about
Leadership and Teamworking Skills (MARTPT-768)

Very nice school, The instructor Scott Field was both knowledgeable and informative

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