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177 Simulator Instructor


$ 1,899.00

Course Duration

5 Days


Course Description

Section A-I/6 of the STCW Code states that any person conducting training using a simulator should have received appropriate guidance in instructional techniques using a simulator and have gained practical experience on the particular type of simulator being used. Enclosure 4 to U.S. Coast Guard NVIC 3-14 requires all proposed instructors for simulator courses should provide documentary evidence of having received the appropriate guidance on the use of simulators. This course meets that requirement. The course is based on IMO Model Course No. 610, Train the Simulator Training and Assessor, and the Simulator Instructor course developed by the Maritime Academy Simulation Committee (MASC). Students will successfully develop, program, debug, brief, run and debrief a simulator exercise during the course.

Course Approval

Any applicant successfully completing Simulator Instructor (MARTPT-462) course will satisfy the simulator instructor training requirements of Section A-I/6, Paragraph 4.3.1 of the STCW Code and of NVIC 03-14 Enclosure (4) 3.d.1 and the guidance regarding Qualified Instructors as stated in NVIC 03-14, and Qualified Assessors as stated in NVIC 19-14.


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Laptop computer is recommended but not required.

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