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151S Bridge Resource Management with Simulator Tasks


$ 1,999.00

Course Duration

3 Days



Course Description

Bridge Resource Management (BRM) - Course #151S

This 3 day course focuses on introducing the candidate to the proper Bridge Resource and Teamwork Management functions and on taking action to avoid close quarters situations in accordance with the COLREGS. The completion of the course will satisfy the 46 CFR and STCW requirements cited below. This is a SIMLUATOR and CLASSROOM course, exercises are used to evaluate the student’s mastery of the specific OICNW tasks.

Any applicant who successfully completes Bridge Resource Management (Simulator) (MARTPT-924) course will satisfy:

  • The bridge resource management requirements of 46 CFR 11.309(a)(4)(vii); 46 CFR11.319(a)(4)(vii); 46 CFR 11.321(a)(3)(iv); and Section A-II/1, Table A-II/1 of the STCW Code, as amended 2010; AND
  • The following assessment tasks in NVICs 12-14(Ch-2) and NVIC 02-18: 2.3.A; 2.3.B; 2.3.C; 2.4.A; 2.7.A; 2.7.B; 2.7.C; 2.7.D; 2.7.E; 2.7.F and 2.7.G; AND,
  • The following assessment tasks in NVICs 10-14(Ch-2) and 11-14(Ch-2): 1.1.A; 5.3.A; AND,
  • The following assessment tasks in NVIC 13-14(Ch-1): 1.6.A; 1.6.B; 1.6.C.

Applicants who have successfully completed this course need not present completed "Control Sheets" for these assessments in application for STCW certification.  

Please note that operational level candidates applying for an STCW Endorsement must also meet the Leadership & Teamworking Skills Requirement which is fulfilled by registering for day four which is listed as course #216. The student services office will apply a discount to those candidates taking both courses consecutively. Note that management level officers would register for Leadership & Management #616 in addition to the BRM Course and do not need to take the #216 Course.

Subjects Include:

Regulatory and Industry Initiatives
Situational Awareness
Error Detection and Accident Review
Voyage Planning & Briefings
Bridge Resource Management
Master/Pilot Exchange
Record Keeping & Logbooks
Effective Communication
Stress Management 
Decision Making
Rest Periods 
Managing Fatigue
Alertness, and Endurance
Risk Assessment and Analysis
Human Factors


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Valid National Identification - passports are preferred by most maritime authorities. Paper, Pencil and highlighters.

Valid Mariner Credential



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