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103 Auxiliary Sail Endorsement USCG


$ 69.00

Course Duration

1 Days


Course Description

Sail or Auxiliary Sail Endorsement - Course #103

MPT’s License Endorsement classes are USCG Approved, NO TEST AT THE USCG. This 1/2 day USCG Approved classroom based course will cover the written examination requirement for a candidate holding a USCG Master or Mate license to obtain a Sailing or Auxiliary Sailing Endorsement. The USCG requires that a Mate near coastal or a Master inland have at least 180 days of sailing experience in their life for a sailing endorsement and a Master near coastal needs at least 360 days of sailing experience to qualify for this endorsement.


Subjects Include:
Sailing Nomenclature
Heavy Weather Sailing
Specialized Rules
Written Exam:
This course is USCG Approved. No Tests at the Coast Guard. You will take a written final exam administered at MPT at the end of the program.


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PASSPORT for Photo ID, Paper, Pencil, Pen, 2 Highlighters (different colors

Master or Mate License of any tonnage

Sea time on sailing vessels as per CRM

On Thursday November 2020 Brittani said the following about
Auxiliary Sail Endorsement USCG

It was such a great experience and I will definitely be coming back for future classes.

On Tuesday December 2017 David said the following about
Auxiliary Sail Endorsement USCG

My experience at MPT was excellent. Chris Chavez is a great instructor and I look forward to continuing my education with MPT in the future.

On Tuesday December 2014 Morgan said the following about
Auxiliary Sail Endorsement USCG

Chris Chavez is an amazing instructor!

On Wednesday December 2013 Leigh Ann said the following about
Auxiliary Sail Endorsement USCG

I am sorry but I have no suggestions for improvement. Carrie at the front desk is always so super friendly and is a true delight to work with. And Andy is always the best and most interesting instructor we've ever had. My husband and brother in law and I have taken all our classes with Andy and we've referred several members of our 6,500 member boat club to your school because we truly believe it is the best there is. Thank you for providing such a high quality program. All the best, Leigh Ann Morris Fredrick Taft Leonard Taft

On Thursday October 2012 Lucas said the following about
Auxiliary Sail Endorsement USCG

school was great!

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