625 Chief Mate / Master License Advancement Preparation - $ 2,499.00

Course Description

Candidates enrolling in this course should be preparing to take the USCG Chief Mate or Master Examinations up to Unlimited Tonnage. This course is a review of the types of questions and problems that will be on the USCG exams. This course is led by a Master Instructor who will review what is on the test and how to be completely prepared for success on the exam. The course will run Monday - Saturday for two weeks, approximately 84 hours of time with your instructor and a total of 12 class days. This 2 week course will review the subjects on the examinations. Many candidates may wish for more time with the instructor in a group tutoring capacity to get extra practice time. This is available by also registering for the five (5) day MPT #215 License Advancement Tutoring. MPT separates these two courses to allow each individual to receive the amount of preparation they need. Additional study is available online with LAPware to review the USCG question and answer pool as needed. Courses #625 and #215 should not be undertaken until the candidate has completed all/most required training courses for the raise in grade and are preparing to take the written examinations shortly thereafter. Candidates wishing to test shortly after the course should apply to the USCG in advance and receive their ATT (approval to test) letter from the National Maritime Center and call to set up testing dates at the REC. The closest REC to MPT is in Miami but you can test at any USCG REC once approved. Outline for Management-Level Exam-Prep Day 1 Rules of the Road Day 2 Mercator & Mid-Latitude Sailings, ETA, Great Circle Sailings (Part 1) Day 3 Great Circle Sailings (Part 2), Azimuth s and Amplitudes for Compass Error Day 4 LAN, Ex-Meridian, High Altitude, Low Altitude, Polaris Day 5 Tides & Currents (Part 1) Day 6 Tides & Currents (Part 2), Set & Drift, Chesapeake Bay Entrance Chart Plot Day 7 Star Finder, Chronometer Comparison, Propeller Speed by RPM, Fuel Consumption Day 8 Lifting & Shifting Weight, TPI & FWA, Zone Transitions (Tropical, Summer & Winter) Day 9 Trim & Longitudinal Stability, Liquid Loads & Free Surface Day 10 Negative GM, Buoyancy vs. Stability, Hogging vs. Sagging, Floodable Length Day 11 Statical Stability Curves with Cross Curves Day 12 Topics in Nav General, Deck General and Deck Safety

Required Materials

Passport or National ID, Pencil Chief Mate / Master Prep Course 625: Class Materials List (updated 2016) 2 Weeks of Class - Monday - Saturday Stability Reference Book (with the blue, white & salmon colored pages) Triangles (or parallel rules if preferred) Dividers Stability and Trim for the Ships Officer (helpful reference book, optional – we may have loaners) Rules of the Road Book Starfinder USCG Training Charts HO 229 - Vol 2 Universal Plotting Sheets Maneuvering Boards Bowditch Nautical Almanac Coast Pilot & Light List Reprints Tide & Tidal Current Table Reprints Scientific calculator (TI 30x style or equivalent – non programmable) We also recommend a quizzing software program such as Hawsepiper or a subscription to Lapware for extra study and preparation of Q & A. All of the above can be purchased in the ships store if needed.

Upcoming Scheduled Classes

Class Number Start Date Finish Date
017279 01 Jun 2021 12 Jun 2021
017782 13 Sep 2021 25 Sep 2021
017783 06 Dec 2021 18 Dec 2021

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