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Dear MPT Students,

Thank you for your interest in our MPT Career Reference Manual. Please note that at this time, many items in this manual are being rewritten to accommodate the Final Ruling from the USCG for the implementation of STCW as amended and the overhaul of the US Mariner Credentialing System.

As the amendments to STCW are global, we are also revising the sections applicable to certificates of competence and training for the MCA (Maritime and Coast Guard Agency) as well.

We expect the new FIFTH edition of the CRM to be published within the year as all of the new information is published.

If you are interested in reading the USCG Final Ruling, please use the following link:

In addition to the final ruling, you may also be interested in reading applicable NVIC’s (Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circulars), which the National Maritime Center and the USCG Policy Division are publishing to explain and provide guidance on how the final ruling will be implemented, who it will effect and when.

Please feel free to visit the USCG NMC website at for more information and checklists for your desired credential or click on the NVIC of interest to you at

The MPT Career Counselors in the Student Services Office are currently undergoing comprehensive training in these new policies and regulations and are happy to assist you. You may choose to contact with questions relating to the final ruling specifically or write to MPT’s regulatory compliance department at