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Course Description

 Yachtmaster Certificate of Competency

The Yachtmaster Qualification is the pinnacle of the RYA (Royal Yachting Association) Training and Certification System. It is widely recognized throughout the world as a prestigious accomplishment.

 Holding this credential can:

- Improve your resume for any deck department position on yachts
- Serve as prerequisite training for an MCA OOW 3000 GT CoC
- Professional Development in your yachting career 
- Serve as your Certificate of Competence (CoC) for operators of yachts up to 200 tons

The Yachtmaster Course should be undertaken by crew aspiring to advance to the MCA OOW level up to 3000 tons and by those who are advancing to the command level for Master of Yachts up to 200 tons.

 2 Routes Available – Same Course:

Yachtmaster Coastal
Yachtmaster Offshore

Yachting professional candidates are encouraged to start their training and professional development as early in their career as possible. Many will take their STCW Basic Safety Training Program (#140) and then when they qualify, it is recommended to obtain the Yachtmaster Coastal CoC. Candidates wishing to upgrade to the offshore route later can simply examine, without additional required training.

Whether you qualify for the Yachtmaster Coastal or Offshore, the training is the same. The only difference is your experience and practical skill level. You will be examined towards whichever level you qualify for.

The MPT Yachtmaster Coastal and Offshore Course (#300) is taught on a Motor Yacht and the practical training and examination are towards a Motor Certificate of Competence. (If you are applying for a Sail Endorsement, this course will not satisfy your practical training and exam requirements). All sea time must be on a power boat and not on a sail boat under power. The Theory, SRC, PPR, and Basic Training courses are the same for both schemes.

The MPT Yachtmaster advanced level certification is available in a 2 week + exam program combining shore-based theory and practical hands-on techniques for a Motor Vessel and the RYA Practical Examination. The first week of class is in the classroom (theory) and the second week is Practical, out on the boat. In addition, there will be class on Saturday of the first week so please plan accordingly.


One week (40 hours) of comprehensive shore-based theory module with written assessment papers including navigation, tidal calculations, international and inland rules of the road, coastal pilotage, meteorology, anchoring and mooring, docking and undocking, buoyage systems, safety, voyage and passage planning, general ship knowledge and seamanship.  A theory examination will be conducted after the completion of the 40-hour theory portion of the program.

One week of Yachtmaster Offshore/Coastal practical training is conducted on board one of MPT’s Yachts. These yachts are up to 48’ and are twin screw motor yachts. This part of the instruction covers seamanship skills such as nautical terms, tides, marlinespike seamanship, anchor work, boat handling, docking, general yachting skills, basic weather, navigation and passage planning. This course will be a preparation course for your final Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore Examination. The practical portion of the course will be conducted during daytime, evening and occasionally may include weekend hours.

The Yachtmaster Course #300 is an Advanced Review Course and it is assumed that candidates will have the prerequisite knowledge of the Basics of Navigation and recommended to the level of RYA Day Skipper, and the very least, the level of the Essential Navigation On-line course. To increase your likelihood of success, we recommend taking the online pre-course - ESSENTIAL NAVIGATION. Additionally, flash cards are available in the MPT Ship's Store for rules study in lights and shapes. Also, many Apps are available to assist in these subjects for pre-study. It is also strongly advised that you pick up your study material well in advance of the start of your course. Pre-study is essential for a successful outcome of this course. 

The RYA Yachtmaster course is accredited by the RYA and MCA and recognized for service as Captain or Mate (OOW) up to 200gt up to 150 miles from a safe haven, at the Offshore level or up to 60 miles from safe haven at the Coastal level. 

The Yachtmaster CoC meets the STCW A-V1/1 and section A V1/1-4 when combined with Basic Training Courses. Yachtmaster Offshore fulfills the prerequisite for MCA OOW 500 and 3000 GT and the MCA STCW A-II/2 Command Certificate for Master 200GT.


Sea Service Prerequisites (minimums): Note you must be able to provide proof of your sea service before undertaking the exam. This should be provided at least 2 weeks before the course when possible to allow our team to review it and ensure your eligibility for the course. Speak to your MPT Career Counselor or your instructor for assistance.

 Sea Service can be proven by submitting one or more of the following: 

  1. Log book (RYA or other acceptable)
  2. Sea Service Testimonial Letters from captains, owners or operators of vessels outlining vessel specifics, time underway, your capacity served onboard and the location of the service (tidal or non-tidal waters, etc).
  3. Sea Service Forms (calendar style - provided you can supply all of the additional information such as number of miles, etc.) Method 2 is preferred.


Yachtmaster Coastal: Motor - Option 1

Without RYA Coastal Skipper Practical certificate:

  • 800 miles
  • 30 days
  • 2 days as skipper on vessels of less than 24 meters

Note: No more than half of the required miles can be on vessels over 24 meters


Yachmaster Coastal: Motor – Option 2 A & B

 With RYA Coastal Skipper Practical Certificate:

Can be used to enter OOW 3000GT program and modules


A. Mariners with Coastal Skipper Practical Certificate and with more than half of required sea service on vessels less than 24 meters

  • 400 miles
  • 20 days on board
  • 2 days as skipper on vessel less than 24 meters


B. Mariners with Coastal Skipper Practical Certificate and with more than half of required sea service on vessels greater than 24 meters

  • 800 miles
  • 30 days on board
  • 2 days as skipper on vessel less than 24 meters


Yachtmaster Offshore: Motor 

  • 50 days sea time overall on motor vessels
  • 5 days in the command position on the vessel (as Master)
  • 2500 nautical miles logged with half transiting through tidal waters and half on a vessel of less than 24 meters that is not a tender.
  • 5 passages over 60 nautical miles, including 2 overnight and 2 in command (as Master) of vessel.        


Yachtmaster Ocean:

  • Obtain Yeachmaster Offshore
  • Complete the RYA astro/ocean shorebased theory #306
  • Ocean passage of 600 nautical miles or more as captain or mate
  • Complete oral exam with RYA examiner successfully


For Commercial Endorsement:

In addition to the SRC and First Aid (must have been taken within 5 years) you will need to obtain an MCA Certificate of Medical Fitness (ENG-1) as well as the Personal Survival Training (4 Modules of STCW 210) and the online Professional Practices & Responsibilities (PPR) Certificate. If you are planning to work commercially, you should simply add the STCW Basic Training Program, which will include the approved Personal Survival and First Aid automatically and will also allow your Yachtmaster CoC to have the STCW endorsement as well. Most boats internationally require this of all crew working commercially. We also recommend the Security Awareness or Designated Security (VPDSD) Course if you are working commercially as well. These are all separate fees from the Yachtmaster Course however MPT offers Package discounts, speak to an MPT RYA Specialist for more information and assistance. There is also a fee candidates will pay to the RYA for the commercial endorsement.


Written & Practical Exam Information:

The written exams are administered at MPT at the end of the shore-based theory segment of your program. They include all of the topics covered in the course.
All of the shore-based courses and experience criteria must be fulfilled before the RYA Examiner will conduct the practical assessment. The final exam will be conducted by an independent and unbiased RYA Yachtmaster examiner and takes the form of an extensive oral and practical examination on a motor yacht. Candidates who have taken MPT's Yachtmaster course may use one of the MPT vessels for the exam at no additional fee. The practical exam will take an additional one-two day and is scheduled when the examiner is available and generally immediately after the course, weather permitting. 
Once your eligibility has been reviewed (sea time and prerequisites met), the schedule for the practical examination is predicated on several things:


1)The weather as this is a practical underway examination
2)The availability of the RYA Examiner (this is not an MPT employee)


Examinations may need to be scheduled for additional days which may not be consecutive to the dates of the course.

Exam Subjects:

We will review with you the knowledge-based subjects during your shore-based theory week and also fine tune your boat handling skills during your practical course, but you should be familiar with the following areas when you join the class and proficient by the exam date. (Note if you are not already well versed in these subjects when you arrive, you are strongly encouraged to take the Essential Navigation (online course) as there is not sufficient time to cover the basics in the 2-week program. Ask about #333) 

  • Knowledge of the International and Inland Rules of the Road.
  • Safety. The candidate will be expected to know what safety equipment should be carried on board a yacht.
  • Boat Handling, Maneuvering, Docking: Yachtmaster Coastal students will be expected to answer questions & demonstrate ability in simple situations only. Yachtmaster Offshore candidates are expected to demonstrate ability in more complex situations and will also be expected to show a higher level of expertise.
  • General seamanship, including maintenance.
  • Responsibilities of the skipper
  • Navigation, Basic Weather 
  • Radio Communication & Signaling
  • Command presence, management and direction of crew.
  • Essential Navigation (online course)


Practical Exam Fees:

The RYA Examination Fee for the initial examination will be paid by MPT as part of your course tuition. Additional RYA fees are paid by candidate if a subsequent examination is needed.

 If at the end of your course you wish to postpone the practical exam date, you are permitted to return for exam and RYA exam fee paid by MPT, within one calendar year, space permitting.

Additional Recommended or Required Courses:

  • Essentials of Navigation (Online Pre-Course) #333
  • First Aid & CPR #143 or Take STCW Basic Safety Training #141, 142, 143, 144
  • SRC VHF Radio License #303 Required (offered Online) or GMDSS GOC #404
  • RYA PPR (Professional Practices & Responsibility) #335 ONLINE COURSE
  • MCA Approved Engine Course #440
  • USCG Radar Course #148 & ARPA Course #150 or MCA Nav/Radar/ARPA Course #402

If you have three years of yacht service, speak to a career counselor about continuing straight through your OOW or Chief Mate 3000 GT program.


Required Materials

RECOMMEND PRE-STUDY: Essential Navigation online, course #333, COLREGS Study Apps or flashcard, and course notes. AVAILABLE IN MPT SHIPS STORE or bring with you the following: Pencil (mechanical or #2) Paper Chart Eraser (We recommend white- like magic rub or Staedtler), Navigation Tools (parallel rules/Portland plotter/triangles – your choice), Dividers (we recommend two- one as divider and one as compass), Calculator (we recommend the TI-30x), Hand Bearing Compass - optional though recommended (We recommend Weems & Plath #2004). Pick up at MPT when you register or when you check-in: Yachtmaster Shore based Training Manuals & Charts (provided by MPT).

11 day class in Fort Lauderdale

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Required Materials

RECOMMENDED PRE-STUDY: Available at MPT Ships Store Complete Course Training DVD Flashcards AVAILABLE IN MPT SHIPS STORE OR BRING WITH YOU: Pencil (mechanical or #2) Paper Chart Eraser (We recommend white - like magic rub or staedtler) Navigation Tools (parallel rules/Portland plotter/triangles - your choice) Dividers (we recommend two - one as divider and one as compass) Calculator (we recommend the TI-30x) Hand Bearing Compass (We recommend Weems & Plath #2004) PICK UP AT SCHOOL WHEN YOU REGISTER OR WHEN YOU CHECK-IN: Yachtmaster Shorebased Training Manuals & Charts (provided by MPT)


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Not suggestions. Thanks for letting me be your student!
Alejandro, Friday August 2015
RYA Yachtmaster Offshore / Yachtmaster Coastal / Master of Yachts 200
A bit more time would be nice! But Steve was an awesome instructor.Very easy to follow and very thorough.
Arthur, Wednesday November 2013
RYA Yachtmaster Offshore / Yachtmaster Coastal / Master of Yachts 200