MCA Y4 Marine Diesel Engineering
Course 444

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Preparing for MCA Y4 Marine Diesel Engineering

Course Description

Marine Diesel Engineering - MCA - Course #444
This course is designed for those engineering candidates applying for their engineering certification through the MCA and preparing for the SQA Exam Marine Diesel Engineering for Y4. This course may also be beneficial to those ambitious mariners who would like to learn more about the subject matter or will be applying for this certificate in the future. The exam passing certificate is valid for three years whilst you obtain the remaining sea service. If you do not hold any certifiation or if you have just started in the yachting industry, we would recommend that you consider first taking the Approved Engine Course #440. 
The syllabus for this course is defined by the MCA Exam Syllabus and includes exam preparatory style lectures on the below listed subjects as well as practice exams and general guidance. The pass rate is very high for candidates who have undertaken the recommended pre study. Register early for the course to get your course notes in advance. There are four days of teaching and on the fifth day you will take your SQA examination.
Subjects Include:
Working principles of diesel 
Engines and petrol engines
Constructional details
Operation and maintenance
Heat exchangers and cooling systems
Fuel oils and preparation
Lubrication system
Starting systems
The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) Written Exam is administered at MPT in a 2 hour prescribed format on the 5th day of the course.

5 day class in Fort Lauderdale

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