Course 404

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Course Description

Global Maritime Distress & Safety System (GMDSS) GOC General Operator Certificate - Course #404
This 10 day course (plus examinations - Please be aware that this course can run over into the second weekend in order to accomodate exam sschedules -which may take an extra day or more to complete) is required for all deck officers or radio operators serving on vessels equipped with GMDSS Equipment or candidates for OOW 3000 ton or over or MCA Master of Code Vessel 200 ton with Unlimited Route. This course utilizes the MPT GMDSS Live Station Equipment Labs. This MCA / AMERC approved course will satisfy the GMDSS Training of STCW A-IV/2 for GOC.
If you are obtaining a USCG endorsement on your MMC for GMDSS or wish to take an STCW NON MCA GMDSS Course, please see #152. If you hold a USCG MMC you must take the USCG GMDSS Version of this course to pass the correct exam and get the correct certificate. This MCA #404 Course and Exam are preferred for foreign flags requiring a General Operators Certificate.
Subjects & Equipment Include:
Satellite Systems
Terrestrial Communications
Transmission and Reception of Distress 
Alerts and Messages
Maritime Safety Information
MF/HF Transceivers (Single Side Band)
MF/HF NBDP – Narrow Band Direct Printing Modems
MF/HF DSC – Digital Selective Calling Controllers
VHF Radio Telephones
VHF DSC  - Digital Selective Calling Controllers
NAVTEX Receivers
406 mHz EPIRBS – Emergency Positioning Indicating Radio Beacons
Search & Rescue Transponders (SARTS)
Survival Craft Transceivers
Reserve Sources of Energy with Integrated Chargers
Antenna Systems (terrestrial and satellite)
Note: Testing may extend to the Saturday and Sunday after the final day of class. Please make all travel arrangements accordingly. 

10 day class in Fort Lauderdale