Career Seminar
Course 888

MPT is the most complete full service private maritime school in the country and has been training mariners since 1983. Our Fort Lauderdale based campuses host over 45,000 square feet of classrooms, deck and engineering training labs, the Ship's Store, and student service facilities.

Course Description

This is a two hour seminar offered to everyone and all nationalities who would like to obtain career advice from an experienced former crew placement agent as well as an informational seminar from one of the leading crew insurance agents regarding maintaining insurance even if working as a freelance crewmember or when working on boats that do not provide health care. This seminar is useful for any career in the maritime or superyacht industries and has no prerequisites. It is also a great way for people thinking about joining the industry to find out more about it and to network with others in the same position. This seminar is currently offered for FREE to anyone enrolled at MPT and is open to everyone. The seminar is offered during the same week as STCW BST (in the evening after class) so that it is convenient for people obtaining or renewing their safety training.

1 day class in Fort Lauderdale