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Captain Tugalong - $12.95

 Captain Tugalong
When Captain Tugalong was new, he traveled up and down the harbor directing big ships in and out safely. Now tied in his slip, Tugalong can feel his cabin jiggle with broken glass and cracked wood. One day, Tugalong sees a most beautiful sight: a lovely sleek sailboat coming toward him, sparkling in the noonday sun. As Captain Tugalong and Sun Dancer (Sunnie for short) become friends, the old salt teaches the novice sailboat all about boating safety, and the youthful readers of Captain Tugalong learn the ropes at the same time. Here are all the basics of nautical knowledge: nomenclature, safety equipment, rules of the road, and methods for handling emergencies at sea. Preschool to grade 2
  • ISBN:  9780870335150
  • Size:  11" x 8 1/2"
  • Illustrations:  34 color illustrations 
  • Pages:  30 
  • Binding: Hard Cover

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