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2nd Engineer Training Record Book MNTB - $59.95

This book will enable you to keep a record of your progress and achievements throughout your period of training.  It provides checklists setting out the skills you will need to master, with room to record your progress and achievements.  The book contains guidance on completion of the workbook by the trainee, as well as guidance for masters, chief engineers and company training officers on how to monitor progress and assign tasks within the operational requirements of the vessel.


The book is divided into the following sections:


  • Guidance for the Completion of the Training Record Book


  • Record of progress and achievement

    • sea service

    • ancillary certificates awarded

    • courses attended

    • task progress charts

    • progress review


  • Induction tasks and vessel particulars

    • priority, familiarisation and safety tasks

    • vessel particulars


  • Training tasks

    • safety

    • engineering watchkeeping

    • engineering operation

    • engineering maintenance

    • operational management.

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