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MCA Oral Exams Come Back to Ft Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale To Host MCA Oral Examinations Once Again.

MCA Oral examinations will now take place in Fort Lauderdale twice a year (in April and November), allowing students to complete their MCA deck courses and undertake the examinations without the need to travel to the UK or Europe.  Following British Government cuts there was some concern about the MCA being able to offer oral examinations overseas.  However, the MCA has confirmed that it is perfectly willing to send an examiner to Fort Lauderdale twice a year.  The Fort Lauderdale Oral dates will be coordinated jointly by International Yacht Training Fort Lauderdale and Maritime Professional Training.  Places are expected to be limited, but full oral preparation will be made available to candidates.


“We are delighted to be able to confirm that the MCA will attend Fort Lauderdale as it has proved very frustrating for our students to have to fly back to the UK for their oral exams.”  Said Mike French of IYT Fort Lauderdale. 


“Fort Lauderdale is known as the hub for obtaining a job on a yacht, so it was very important for both IYT and MPT to work together to sponsor the MCA traveling here for the exams. It is crucial that yachting professionals have an opportunity to get high quality training, as well as their exams, in the same location in which they will be securing a new position. This saves owners, captains and crew time and money, and allows them to have greater choice and flexibility in their career advancement”, said Amy Beavers of MPT, USA.  For more information, contact MPT’s Student Services Office at +1.954.525.1014.