106 Captain's License Renewal Master/ Mate up to 100T and OUPV 6 pk - $ 199.00

Course Description

Refresher Course for License Renewal - Course #106

This 1-day course is USCG Approved for the Renewal of USCG Licenses up to 100gt. Additional classes are available for Renewal of Licenses above 100 tons. Contact a student services office associate for License Renewal Assistance.

Any applicant who has successfully completed your License Renewal (Not More Than 100 Gross Tons) (MARTPT-242) course with a passing grade and who presents your Certificate of Training within one year of the completion of training, will satisfy the examination requirements of 46 CFR 10.227(e)(l)(iii) for renewal of deck credentials endorsed for service upon vessels of not more than 100 Gross Tons.

Required Materials

PASSPORT for Photo ID, Paper, Pencil, Pen, 2 Highlighters (different colors), current USCG Rules Bk

Upcoming Scheduled Classes

Class Number Start Date Finish Date
012900 21 Nov 2018 21 Nov 2018
013676 31 May 2019 31 May 2019

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