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252 Able Seafarer - DECK


$ 999.00

Course Duration

5 Days


Course Description

Able Seafarer - Deck - Course #252
This five day USCG Approved course includes theory, various practical assessments for Able Seafarer, STCW Section A-II/5 and written examinations towards the issuance of a qualified rating on your merchant mariners credential as Able Seaman.

Any applicant who successfully completes Able Seafarer -Deck (MARTPT-731) course and who presents our Certificate of Training will satisfy:

  • The following assessments from NVIC 14-14 (Ch-1). 2.1.A, 2.1.B, 2.2 .A, 2.5.A, 3.1.A, 3.2.A, 4.1.A, 4.2.A, 4.3.A, 4.4.A, 4.4.B, 4.4.C, 4.4.D, 4.5.A, 4.6.B, 4.6.C, 4.7.A, 4.8.A, 4.8.B, 4.9.A, 4.11.A, 4.12.A, 4.13.A, 5.1.A, 5.2.A, 5.3.A, 5.3.B, 5.3.C, 5.4.A, 5.5.A, 5.5.B, 5.5.C, 5.5.E, 5.6.A, 5.6.B, 5.6.C, 5.7.A, 5.8.A, 5.9.A, 5.10.A, 5.10.B, 6.1.A, 6.1.B, 6.2.A, 6.3.A, 8.4.A, 8.4.B, and 8.5.A. Applicants who have successfully completed the Able Seafarer course need not present completed task control sheets for these assessments.
  • Provided application submitted within one year of the completion of training, the examination and demonstration of ability requirements of 46 CFR 12.405(b), 12.405(c) and (d) for Able Seaman.


 Subjects Include:

  • Marlinspike Seamanship
  • Shipboard Terminology
  • Rules of the Road
  • Aids to Navigation
  • Buoyage Systems
  • Watchstanding & Helmsman Duties
  • Ship Construction
  • Cargo Handling & Stowage
  • Anchoring and Mooring
  • Fire Firefighting
  • Towing
  • Deck Maintenance
  • Shipboard Emergencies
  • Marine Pollution


Additional Recommended/Required Courses:

  • Basic Safety Training #140
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (Lifeboatman) #146
  • RFPNW Assessments #251
  • Tankerman Dangerous Liquids #170

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Rules of the Road Book, Highlighter (any color), Pencil, Pen, Safety Shoes or Steel-Toed Boots, Long Pants, Long Sleeved Shirt. All other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be provided.

On Friday November 2018 Blake said the following about
Able Seafarer - DECK

This Place is great!

On Friday November 2018 Jimmy said the following about
Able Seafarer - DECK

Everything was wonderful......great staff all around

On Friday January 2018 Zachary said the following about
Able Seafarer - DECK

More than I had ever hoped it would be!!!!

On Friday September 2015 Cesar said the following about
Able Seafarer - DECK

A great instructor , he has a lot of knowledge about the course, thank you so much

On Friday July 2014 Stephen said the following about
Able Seafarer - DECK

Sir or Madame,Instructors were Excellent ,highly professional .it was very informative course taught by First Rate have a Top Maritime School MPT.Very Impressed.Thank you.

On Tuesday December 2013 Timothy said the following about
Able Seafarer - DECK

Great course! No improvement needed!

On Wednesday March 2013 Clarissa said the following about
Able Seafarer - DECK

Jeff made the course interesting and I could tell he had lots of experience because he was able to answer any questions students asked and he also showed pictures of the equipment from other vessels he worked on, which helped out a lot.

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