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Getting Started

If you are new to the maritime industry and are trying to figure out how to get started, MPT is here to help you! The maritime industry offers exciting and diverse opportunities for employment. Many of our students are looking for a new career where they can travel the world, do what they enjoy and get paid! Whether this is your first job or a mid-life career change, there is something for everyone.

The first choice you should make is whether you want to work in the Yachting & Passenger Vessel segment of the industry or the Merchant - Commercial field. From there you can break it down to the type of vessel and specific positions you are interested in. If you need help with this decision, an MPT Career counselor can explain the differences in the jobs, where the vessels operate, what your career paths would be, advancement opportunities and onboard lifestyles that can be expected. We have included answers to some frequently asked questions about the industry in the next few pages that may help you.

When you schedule your complimentary Career Counseling session with MPT, we will help you determine which department to consider working towards. Perhaps you have a background in the hospitality industry, you could then consider a position in the Stewards Department on a luxury yacht or a Wait staff position on a Cruise ship traveling the world. If your background is in the mechanical field, perhaps a job in the engineering department is in your future. Maybe you just love boating, and a job as the Captain of a Water Taxi, tour boat, private yacht or dive vessel is perfect for you! Perhaps working on a crew boat or tug is more your style! MPT can help guide you in the right direction! We will train you and help you find the job you have been dreaming about.