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All Pending Classes related to 62 Mate (OICNW) with STCW Less than 500GT - OCEANS
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This program is designed to meet the STCW and National requirements for Mate(OICNW) less than 500T (STCW II/3) - OCEANS as of January 1, 2017. In addition to required training included in this package, MPT recommends taking Course #148 Radar, Course 150 ARPA, Course 152 GMDSS, and Course 601 ECDIS. Please note that STCW Basic Training (original, refresher or revalidation) and Advanced Fire Fighting course (original, refresher or revalidation) must have been completed within 5 years of application to the USCG. Mariner must provide evidence of meeting the standard of competence specified in NVIC 02-18 or its equivalent. Call the student services office at 954-525-1014 for more information.
Program Requirements
  • 151 BRM: Bridge Resource Management
  • 153 Medical First Aid Care Provider
  • 146 Proficiency In Survival Craft and Rescue Boats/ Lifeboatman (PSCRB)
  • 205 Watchkeeping - OICNW
  • 207 Visual Signaling Course and Exam
Course Name Description
151 BRM: Bridge Resource Management

This 3 day course focuses on introducing the candidate to the proper Bridge Resource and Teamwork Management functions and on taking action to avoid close quarters situations in accordance with the COLREGS. Please note that operational level candidates applying for an STCW Endorsement must also meet the Leadership & Teamworking Skills Requirement which is fulfilled by registering for day four which is listed as course #216.
153 Medical First Aid Care Provider

If you need to register for the MCA Medical First Aid class, please refer to course #405.
146 Proficiency In Survival Craft and Rescue Boats/ Lifeboatman (PSCRB)

Proficiency in Survival Craft Rescue Boats/Lifeboatman - Course #146 This 4 day USCG, MCA Marshall Islands Approved Course includes theory and practical training and assessment utilizing MPT’s RHIB’s and various Survival Craft including the new MPT Waterside...
205 Watchkeeping - OICNW

Plan on taking a total of three weeks, 2 weeks for BRM and Watchkeeping and the third week for Watchkeeping and BRM Assessments. These courses require separate registration. BRM is course #151, Watchkeeping Training is #205 and Watchkeeping /BRM, Miscellaneous Assessments is course #212. The three weeks do not have to be taken consecutively, however this is the most ideal way to complete them.
207 Visual Signaling Course and Exam

Pre Study required if testing same day, software is included and can be shipped to you in advance by request. Exams available without course see #109