MCA OOW 3000 Ton Program
Program 45

MPT is the most complete full service private maritime school in the country and has been training mariners since 1983. Our Fort Lauderdale based campuses host over 45,000 square feet of classrooms, deck and engineering training labs, the Ship's Store, and student service facilities.

Preparing for MCA OOW 3000 Ton Program this Program

Program Bundle Notes

9 weeks of training - includes written exams


Courses in this Program Bundle



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402 : MCA OOW Navigation and Radar

400 : MCA GSK -General Ship's Knowledge


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601 : ECDIS

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Satisfy the STCW ECDIS training requirements and get some of the necessary ECDIS assessments completed along the way! Learn about the limitations and performance standards of ECDIS; while experiencing some of highly relevant scenarios on our Bridge Simulators. Contact the Student Services Office for availability.


416 : Human Element Leadership and Management (HELM) Operational Level - MCA


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146 : Proficiency In Survival Craft and Rescue Boats/ Lifeboatman (PSCRB)

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The (PSCRB) Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats course gives seafarers who are required to take charge of a survival craft or a rescue boat (other than fast rescue boats) in emergency situations the essential education and training to meet the regulatory standards for the tasks required.


417 : Efficient Deckhand (EDH)


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