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Course Description

Captains Licenses - USCG 

This course is available for both levels. The first level is USCG Approved for candidates applying for their Six-Pack - Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel (OUPV) License. Also known as the Charterboat Captains License and is 8 days in length for daytime students. This license is for operation of uninspected vessels only.

Any applicant who has successfully completed Master 100 Tons (MARTPT-281) course and who presents Certificate of Training within one year of the completion of training, will satisfy the examination requirements of 46 CFR 11.201(j)(l) for original issuance, 46 CPR 10. 227(e){l)(iii) for renewal, and 46 CFR 10.227(i) for reissuance for any one the following endorsements and may not be used for any application transactions thereafter:

U.S. law may allow uninspected charterboats operating in the USVI as defined by the law to carry a safe number of passengers for the vessel up to 12 without requiring inspection provided the vessel meets either the yellow or blue codes for small passenger vessels issued by the UK MCA. This promotes fair competition between the USVI and the BVI for charterboat operators. This allows a Six Pack License to operate these vessels in those specific waters only with up to twelve passengers on uninspected vessels, however a Masters License is still required for any inspected vessels regardless of the number of passengers or area of operation.

The second level affords the student three additional days of classes and is USCG Approved for Master and Mate Licenses or the 3-in-1 for students applying for Master / Mate and Operator.

The USCG does not require you to get a Six-Pack License before you get your Masters, so if you qualify, you can take the full 11 days and get your Master or Mates license! Most students do qualify for a Master or Mate license. The Masters level earns you the respect you have earned with years of boating experience as well as giving you the ability to serve on either inspected (like water taxi's or dinner boats, fishing boats with more than 7 passengers, etc) or uninspected vessels as you choose.

Another benefit is that with the Master you can go twice as far offshore, with the near coastal route, with 6 pack you can go up to 100 miles offshore and with the Master you can go up to 200 miles offshore!

Gross Tonnage:

The OUPV Six Pack License is valid for uninspected motor and sail vessels up to 100 gross tons and is a national license. There is not an STCW equivalency for this license.

The Master and Mate Licenses are valid for inspected motor vessels (aux sail may be added through endorsement, see below) of 25, 50 or 100 tons based on your experience and for uninspected vessels of up to 100 tons automatically. If you are unsure of your vessels gross tonnage our captains license flyer includes a formula or if your vessel is documented this information will be included on the certificate of documentation.

Master and Mate licenses can be issued as national credentials or may be issued with an STCW (international) compliant designation when applicable. Additional training and service is required to obtain the STCW designation.

Subjects Include:

Both levels of Captains License classes include training on navigation, tidal calculations, international and inland rules of the road, coastal pilotage, meteorology, anchoring and mooring, marlinespike, docking and undocking, buoyage systems, safety, voyage and passage planning, general ship knowledge regulations, stability and vessel construction, and seamanship.

Written Exams:

This course is USCG Approved. No Tests at the Coast Guard. You will take written final exams administered at MPT at the end of the second week of the course, generally the second Friday for Master/Mate or OUPV. If you are coming in from out of town, we recommend making your travel plans for the following day when possible so you are not rushed during the exam.

The exams include a selection of the topics covered in the course. We work with everyone until they pass! Do not worry. Class participation and study will typically get you through the exams. All exams are administered in accordance with USCG guidelines and students are permitted to retake the exam modules when needed to up to three times and are allowed up to 90 days to study and finish all exams after the course if desired.  

Because both the OUPV and Master/Mate students take the exam on the same day, if you qualify for the higher level, you should definitely get it.  Also worth noting, the exams are nearly identical. The only difference is on the deck general portion, the Master has 10 additional questions relating to inspected vessels, etc.

Students taking the Master or Mate level and who have obtained sufficient sailing sea time can also take their Auxiliary Sail Endorsement one evening during the course (for an additional fee) and add this endorsement to their license. This is not required for the six pack as the uninspected license does not require an additional endorsement to operate a sailing vessel and therefore the endorsement is applicable only to inspected license candidates.



Please see our Captains License brochure and information page on the MPT home page or contact a career counselor for more information. Note that the course certificate must be submitted to the USCG within one year of completion to receive examination credit. 

The application requirements apply only to those individuals wishing to pursue a USCG Merchant Mariners Credential (commonly referred to as a Captains License) after the completion of the course. If you are taking the course for educational purposes only, the application requirements may not apply to you. We recommend that you speak to an MPT career counselor for more information before undertaking the course to be sure it is the right choice for your career and educational goals. Application for USCG MMC/License requirements include (subject to change without notice): • Application for license (with Oath)• Documentation of sea time experience - letters or sea service forms signed by the vessel's owner or captain or sea service forms signed by you for your own boat(s) or DD2-14 and Transcript of Service for your military sea service (if applicable). • Proof of vessel ownership - if you are submitting forms for your own boat(s) • Physical Exam (within 1 year, on USCG Forms) There are certain medical conditions and/or prescription drugs that may disqualify you for a license or require a waiver. Ask for info if applicable. • Drug Screen (within 6 months, on USCG Forms or proof of random program)•Proof of U.S. Citizenship for Master/Mate or Proof of Permanent Residency for six-pack OUPV • T.W.I.C. Card Application; The USCG Conducts a criminal background check and National Driver's Registry Report on all applicants. Certain offenses within recent years can disqualify you for a license. Please ask if you need more information or go to www.TSA.gov • Course Certificate from MPT's or other USCG Approved Course within the last year • First Aid & CPR Certificate from MPT or other USCG Approved course within the last year • MMC/License Processing Fees (evaluation/ issuance paid to USCG through www.pay.gov)

 When you register for a Captain’s License Course we recommend that you also register for the USCG First Aid Course #143 or143S which is required to be taken within 1 year of this course and the FCC Marine Radio Operators (MROP) Permit #130. The First Aid Course can be taken either before or after the Captain's License Course (100Ton); Saturday classes are available (see course #143S) for your convenience. The MROP course #130 is usually offered the second Monday of the 100 Ton course. A program package discount is available for students taking all of the courses together.


MPT recommends our Captains Kit from the MPT Ships Store which has everything you need and can be purchased on the first day or in advance. See below for a list.

Required Materials

USA PASSPORT for Photo ID, Paper, Pencil( we suggest a small diameter mechanical pencil), Pen, 2 Highlighters (different colors), Calculator, Plotting Tools, Set of Training Charts, Chart Quality Eraser, current USCG Navigation Rules Book. Or just purchase the Captains Kit from the Ships Store.

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