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Course Description

Yacht Purser:


As Superyachts have grown in their size and complexity, the administrative burden on the management of the crew and vessel have also expanded. Increasing regulations such as ISM, ISPS, STCW, MARPOL, MLC, etc. are creating an environment where the department heads must have a greater awareness of the international regulations that affect the vessel's compliance and the crew's responsibilities.

This course will not lead to a formal certification as a Purser nor will it be as comprehensive as a Passenger Vessel Purser Certification Program. The goal of this course is to familiarize heads of department and officers with the administrative paperwork and international regulatory standards to streamline the process, increase compliance and act as a liaison to the management of the vessel.


Section 1: Who Makes the Rules?

  1. Overview and awareness of the laws and procedures regulating the maritime industry
  2. Overview and awareness of the UN/IMO and Flag States
  3. Overview of the ISM code from a yachting perspective
  4. Overview of the ISPS code from a yachting perspective
  5. Overview of background and compliance of ISPS
  6. Overview of Maritime and Flag State Authority and Port State Control

Section 2: Regulation of Vessels

  1. How international regulations affect the daily management of crew certificates and contracts
  2. How the yacht, flag state and management company work together to manage the yacht
  3. The concept  of yacht classifications and ship registration

 Section 3: Captain & Crew

  1. The of importance of managing crew certificates, endorsements, renewals
  2. Overview of Visas
  3. Overview of STCW Code
  4. Overview of MLC 2006 


Required Materials

pencil, paper, passport

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