804 PYA Yacht Interior Advanced Service Level 1 - $ 799.00

Course Description

804 Level 2 Yacht Interior Advanced Service Level 1

This course is designed to meet and exceed the Interior Level 2 Course Structure and Content requirements for the PYA GUEST (Guidelines for Unified Excellence Service Training) program and to uphold the PYA's mission, which is "To represent the interests of Professional Yacht Crew and to encourage and maintain the highest professional standards".  

 It is designed for stews who have served in the Interior Department for 12 months previously with at least 60 days of guest service experience per year.   We also recommend that you register for the2-day #805 Level 2 Intermediate Housekeeping Course which is designed to complement this course.

All candidates are recommended to have completed the Introductory Level 1 Courses such as MPT 803 or test out through experience and other prior knowledge and training. The subjects taught at the Introductory Levels are expected entry skills for the advanced courses. If you are uncertain, we recommend a career counseling session with Alene to help you evaluate which courses are right for you.

 Objectives include:


Interior service administration                                

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