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MPT goes to the TWSBA Conference

04 May 2017 by Ted Davis

MPT goes to the TWSBA Conference
Ted Davis, one of Maritime Professional Training’s (MPT) Curriculum Developers attended the Teaching With Small Boats Alliance (TWSBA) conference in St. Michaels, MD at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum this last weekend. MPT believes “In order to improve safety, the protection of the marine environment, and to mitigate loss of life/property, consideration of the Human Element must be a primary focus". We believe that advocating hands-on STEM learning in young people while building small boats stimulates career interests in the maritime industry. MPT provides training for these future mariners to meet our nation’s demand for a skilled maritime workforce.
The Teaching with Small Boats Alliance is a collaboration of educators, trainers, and programs throughout the United States and Canada that teach maritime application s of math, science, and essential training skills through the process of boat building. Participants in this conference discussed how to use maritime history, culture and technology as the focus of regional efforts involving other maritime organizations and school systems, and how to make stronger connections to post-secondary education and careers.
Established in 1965, the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum is a world-class maritime museum dedicated to preserving and exploring the history, environment, and people of the entire Chesapeake Bay, with the values of relevancy, authenticity, and stewardship guiding its mission. 
Serving more than 75,000 guests each year, CBMM’s campus includes a floating fleet of historic boats and 12 exhibition buildings, situated in a park-like, waterfront setting along the Miles River and St Michaels harbor.
“The education and training done in school represents only a fraction of the amount of training you need to be successful in your maritime career and in life.” MPT’s community outreach includes: Mentoring students who build small boats (in a local two-day Plywood Regatta competition), Office of Naval Research’s regional Sea Perch ROV competition, Florida Career & Technical Education’s high school Maritime Technology certification courses, and scholarships for young Hawsepipers to Sail/Train on the US Brig Niagara.
Mentoring, training & assessment commensurate to the seafarer’s level of responsibility.
* Mentored maritime students end up taking classes at MPT like Basic Training.
* Some choose a deck license course progression (OUPV 6-pack) and upgrade to 100 ton Master.
* Many enter our Engineering course progression with Marine Diesel Engineering. 
MPT mentor’s students to build small boats and soon those students mentor other students which perpetuates the learning process. In truth, on a ship the captain trains the deck officers, the chief engineer trains the engineering officers, the officers train the ratings, the chief steward(ess) trains the stewards(esses), MPT trains the trainers and mentors young future mariners. By using this mentoring technique, everyone’s professional knowledge & skill levels are improved, and a stronger team developed.