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Able Seaman/Lifeboat - $99.99

Able Seaman / Lifeboat


Version 4.7 - "USB Flash Drive Only" All Windows operating systems. (sorry, not Mac compatible)


Able Seaman / Lifeboat training Flash Drive contains questions selected for Able Body Seaman all ratings. Contains, reference library, help files, questions and illustrations. Update utility insures questions and help files are up to date. There are no use or limits on this Flash Drive.

Reference Books on Flash Drive
Help Files
  • Pub.9-Bowditch
  • Basic Seamanship
  • Basic Machines
  • Basic Math and Algebra
  • Damage Control & Firefighting
  • First Aid
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Cargo Handling
  • Introduction To Nautical Charts
  • Magnetic Compass Adjusting
  • IALA Buoy System
  • Rules of the Road
  • Pollution (CFR's)
  • Marlinespike Seamanship
  • Lifeboat Man
  • Ships Construction
  • Application help


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