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Auxiliary Sail Vessel Operations - $35

Auxiliary Sail Vessel Operations for the Aspiring Professional Sailor

Initially created as a course curriculum for classes in sail vessel operations at the Maine Maritime Academy, this work has been developed to provide a firm foundation for men and women working toward earning U.S. Coast Guard licenses to operate auxiliary-powered sailing yachts and vessels. The book addresses seamanship aboard sailing vessels, relevant hydrodynamic and aerodynamic theory, basic and advanced sailing maneuvers, planning and managing for crew and vessel safety, meteorology for sailors, heavy-weather sailing, emergencies at sea, and vessel administration as related to Coast Guard rules and regulations. Designed to accompany the sailor as a study guide and point of reference, the work, in both theory and practice, calls attention to the myriad constant and critical elements of professional yacht and vessel management.
  • ISBN:  9780870334931
  • Size:  6" x 9"
  • Illustrations:  216 illustrations, 5 b/w photos, index 
  • Pages:  328 
  • Binding: Hard Cover

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