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MPT Founder, Elmer Morley loses his battle with Pancreatic Cancer

Elmer Morley, MPT's founder, long time chief engineering instructor, father, grandfather, great grandfather, and loving husband lost his heroic battle with pancreatic cancer in the early morning hours on August 17, 2015. He departed this earth for heaven with the same dignity and grace that he lived each day. He left holding his wife, Beverly's hand and gazing into her loving eyes. To everyone who has met them, they will know that there was never one single day of their life together where he was not holding her hand. Their love is one for the ages. His other great loves were his family and MPT, Maritime Professional Training, the school he founded in 1983. Elmer graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a degree in Industrial Engineering; he held a USCG Masters License and a USCG Chief Engineer License. While he accomplished many things in his life, his legacy is his family and MPT, the company he founded which carries on his desire to educate and train mariners. He will be greatly missed.

Elmer would like to let you know that his work here is done. He received a call from the ultimate crew placement agent with an offer for a once in a lifetime voyage. From this journey he will not be returning. This assignment comes with a huge sign on bonus, relocation covered, a reunion with family and friends he has not seen in a long time. His new mission takes him to a wonderful destination where he will be socializing, reading, telling sea stories, watching old movies, and solving engineering formulas, all to his heart's content. Music, laughter, and love are guaranteed. The food is delicious, and you never gain an ounce.

He left standing orders for Beverly, his wife of 52 years, and his children to celebrate his mission here, which he has now completed. It's time for his family to take the helm. Elmer had seven children, eleven grandchildren, and seven great grandchildren. 

We want to let him know that he did a great job and wish him smooth seas and fair winds on his journey. We will remember his smile, his warmth and his energy, but most of all his love for life, family, colleagues, students, crew mates and clients, many of whom over time also became close friends. He worked very hard his entire life, and planned future projects right up to the very end. He made a difference in the lives of everyone he touched.

We will honor him with a public service at Rio Vista Community Church, located at 880 S. Federal Hwy in Fort Lauderdale at 2:00 pm on Saturday, August 22, 2015. All are welcome to join us as we honor his life and legacy.