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Sea Trials of our newest FRB


MPT conducts sea trials of our newest Fast Rescue Boat.

Maritime Professional Training in Ft. Lauderdale Fl ( recently announced the addition of a new RHIB to its USCG Approved STCW compliant Fast Rescue Boat training course.

The new RHIB, a 6.4m diesel-powered with Hamilton water jet propulsion, was specially designed to accommodate the USCG, STCW, and SOLAS training needs of the course and answers some unique requests from several clients. Capt Ted Morley, the MPT Chief Operations Officer, stated “Once we decided to move ahead with the acquisition we queried several of our clients to determine what additional specs needed to be met with for this boat. Proper size, equipment, and propulsion features were key factors in the process. Many of our Passenger Cruise Ship and Offshore Energy clients really wanted an expanded training program for water-jet powered craft, this craft answers that call.”
The vessel was also outfitted to comply with MPT’s “Going Green” Initiative. Some examples of this commitment include non-ozone depleting fire suppression equipment, re-cycled content, internally vented fuel tanks separated from the bilge area, and bilge pumps that are specially designed by Rule® to not operate if engine oil is detected in the bilge.
The new craft joins MPT’s existing fleet of boats and RIBs used in their training courses and programs. MPT would like to thank all the vendors and local suppliers that were involved in this process, special thanks go out to Brian Bohne of 84 BoatWorks, Inc in Ft. Lauderdale and Dave Gillen Jr. of Gillen Marine Services in Dania.


For information on this program or any of our courses please visit us at 1915 S. Andrews Avenue in Fort Lauderdale. 
Watch for more photos and video links of this boat in action - coming soon!